UK/US Training Session RESULTS!

Greetings ACP,

Today at 4:30pm UK, we logged onto Caribou to have a training session. We did very good, we maxed 24, we couldn’t sustain it, but we averaged 22-23 anyway! Good way to kick off the new leadership. Let’s hope to be maxing these sizes consistently and even more. We circled the town for the first time in a while too. This event was quite good for it’s time, we had 30-35 on chat. Read on for the pics…


Pic of 23-24

This tactic was dedicated to Mes Mommy, as it is her birthday today.

~ Ahmed 7569, ACP Leader

14 Responses

  1. I came

  2. I came for like the first 5 minutes…

  3. I came

  4. Came

  5. I came!

  6. awesome! why is acp doing good now that im gone?!/ (wary)

  7. I came!

  8. came

  9. I came

  10. I came 😀

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