Stepping down.

This is it ACP. My last post as ACP leader. I’m not necessarily retiring though. What I will be is DRACP president. Which means I will handle the behind the scenes stuff as in land, Allies and enemies and a couple other things. Mondo will be US division leader but he won’t be leader on ACP yet. I Kind of like the job of DRACP President because I can stay with you troops. You guys are awesome. As Slime says “Clovers give you wiings.” its True. ACP has flourished my CP Army life a bunch & I feel quite sad leaving my position as leader. Thank for for serving ACP in my time as ACP leader.

~Fluffyboy3 DRACP president

PS Star is fab she told me to write this tiny little section saying Star is fab. But everyone is fab also.

11 Responses

  1. Talk to me on kik

  2. Goodbye fluffy you were a great leader 😦


  4. Finally.

  5. Who the hell do you think you are trying to promote mondo to 2ic after being told to step down.

  6. Aww Star

  7. I love you Fluffy! (As a friend of course) You are so fluffy! I’ll neva eva forget our great pokemon battles!♥


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