UK Training/Recruiting Session


Today we had a UK Training and Recruiting Session at 6:30pm UK time and we did pretty well, as we maxed 21 and averaged 18. Our tactics were on point and we were online for just over 15 minutes before we were raided by bots, but they didnt impact us as we had already had a very successful event and everyone should be proud today.

Click ”Read More” for the pictures and the in-depth score analysis!

Here is the score analysis that I have put together based on my own opinions on the event….

  • Size [7/10]We were pretty good with that today as we reached sizes of around 20, above the minimum requirement set by Ahmed for this week! Our sizes will gradually improve for the UK division as we look to have the best UK division in CP Armies. So, good start with this one today.
  • Tactics [8/10]We didn’t have much time for tactics, but for the ones we did they were on point and almost perfect for every tactic that we did do. We couldn’t get the higher point scores today because we simply didnt have the time for advanced formations and tactics – but good listening again.
  • Chat [7/10]The chat activity was good and many people were paying attention to tactics and repeating orders effectively, without spamming the chat. However, the chat size wasn’t that great today and we could’ve done with a few more people to improve the event further!
  • Overall [7.3/10]Today was a good event and I look forward to be a part of the improvement of our UK division, as well as the improvement of the army as a whole. Keep it up everyone!

Here are the pictures from todays event, taken by Ahmed, myself and Jodorix:

Make sure you comment if you came to this event to receive credit for coming!


ACP Third-In-Command & Former Leader

9 Responses

  1. I attended.

  2. I came, good job ACP, proud of you! Especially at this rather early time!

  3. Nice job today! I came

  4. I came at the end

  5. I came.

  6. Came

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