Battle VS Doritos [US/UK]

Greetings, my slaves soldiers!

Today we logged onto Zipline and fought against DCP in a battle, in which Jacknat and I used strategy and tactics in place of sizes to dominate the enemy. We must ensure that we stay focused during events, since extremely fast tactics and high concentration from the troops is needed if we are to dominate enemies using tactics and intelligence. We did okay today, and our tactics improved towards the end, but we still have a long way to go in terms of tactics. We managed to max around 23 at this event, so keep up the good work and make sure you stay active.

Note: We lost most of the pics, but here are two decent ones.



You must comment if you attended, so we can see how active you are!

-Maxy 777, CIA correspondent

16 Responses

  1. First, boyah! :p

  2. came

  3. Rouges wont save you

    So save yourself

    Nice pictures though!

  4. I came

  5. Came! I came near the end of room Forts and beginning of room Berg

  6. I CAME! 😀

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