US Invasion of Sleet [VICTORY]

Hello ACP,


Today we logged on to Sleet and ended up being alone, again. LT was a no show and decided to ignore the invasion which led to us coming off the battle field victorious. We averaged 11-12 and maxed 13.

It was a good invasion with great tactics. Lets try to get a better size next time ACP. Make sure to recruit as much as possible. This goes for EVERYONE! Spring break starts for a lot next week and that is our time to shine.


Also, the owners noticed many people who were AFK during the event. This is not acceptable and if it continues, it will count as a negative toward people’s promotions. A good way to prevent this is to look on the site and find the event times so that whatever you were AFK for during the event, you could plan or do it before.

The pictures are below:







Sleet is ours.




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  1. came 🙂

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