Addressing the LT

Today I went on to the Light Troops site, to find myself one of the most idiotic and stupid posts I think I have ever seen in my life.  Click read more for a bit more in depth analysis.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.26.47 PM

So this is a post from Drmatt, a Light Troops owner.  He has the audacity to go on and claim that the ACP didn’t win this battle due to the fact no Light Troops logged on to Club Penguin.  His justification of this claim that we didn’t win, because they apparently had 30 troops on chat.

Just in case your thick heads don’t understand this, chat sizes do not win you battles, as we the ACP have annoyingly come to terms with.  I quite frankly do not care on bit about whether or not your troops can log on or not, as ours quite easily navigated their way on to CP.

These following screenshots here below are just going to prove the absolute rubbish that you’re saying when you claim you troops ‘Were unable to log on’


Here is a screenshot that their owner took at the rough time the event was set to occur at.  This picture clearly shows the ‘BRB!’ CP login page, something just about everyone sees when they go on to log into Club Penguin.  Now, what this LT owner is too thick to realise is that you can still log on, which from a screenshot I have taken from a login page can clearly be seen.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.27.19 PM

Now yes, the home screen is slightly different in this picture, but let’s focus in on the bottom section.  In your screenshot, you try to crop out the bottom, which says Create a Penguin and also Login.  Well, you see we’re not idiots in the ACP, and we can quite clearly see those buttons were also at the bottom of your screen, you just chose to ignore them.

I please ask you and your troops to stop embarrassing yourselves even more than you already have with completely false and idiotic claims like the ones above.

Signing off,

Ajman9011 – ACP 3ic

8 Responses

  1. Also note that about 10 light troops were actually present on CP, we were just bigger than them.

  2. If you’re smaller than us and have to hide behind your allies, please don’t complain saying how we “cheated” or how you “couldn’t log on”.

  3. ACP also did not log on…

  4. i think light troops are just in their leaders idiotic period because 1. declaring war on 5 armies at the same time and being stupid in general *COUGH* NEW LEADERS *COUGH*

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