US Invasion of Patagonia[VICTORY]

Good evening all soldiers! We invaded Patagonia tonight and we had some decent sizes (Nearly the same as the first invasion) [Note this is also our 2nd US invasion today] We averaged around 15 and maxed around 17. [THIS WAS A QUICK INVASION – LT WAS A NO SHOW] 

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USA Invasion of Sardine [Victory!]

Hello ACP!


Today we logged on to Sardine, now a FORMER Light Troops server. They were once again a no show. That’s another server stripped from their nation. We had really good tactics and formations after moving from the Town where it was crowded and a little hard to see. We maxed 15 and averaged 13-14. After moving to the Berg from the Town, we had one really fast and perfect horizontal line. Good job soldiers! Read on for the pictures from the successful invasion! Continue reading

The Current Situation

Greetings ACP.  Following on from a couple of disappointing events this week, it has come to all of the owners’ attention that we all need to step it up.  I’d say at the moment we’re doing roughly half as well as we should be, and we need YOU, the troop, to help us get back on track!


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ACP History Part One — World War Three!

Hello Soldiers!


Jack here today with a series I am starting — ACP history! For some background, I have always found the history of armies interesting. Whenever I could, I would interview veterans and legends. I have had the privilege of interviewing the likes of Pink Mafias, Tom Wolf, and many others. This all has led me to be more informed than the average person on CP Army History, and as well give me some friends in scary-retired-persons.

This series will not follow in chronological order with ACP History, but will comprise of lessons on certain periods. The series will start by going over the history of World War three throughout several posts. There will be no set ‘posting date’, so this will be released sporadically. Please enjoy and give me whatever feedback you deem necessary!

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