ACP History Part One — World War Three!

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Jack here today with a series I am starting — ACP history! For some background, I have always found the history of armies interesting. Whenever I could, I would interview veterans and legends. I have had the privilege of interviewing the likes of Pink Mafias, Tom Wolf, and many others. This all has led me to be more informed than the average person on CP Army History, and as well give me some friends in scary-retired-persons.

This series will not follow in chronological order with ACP History, but will comprise of lessons on certain periods. The series will start by going over the history of World War three throughout several posts. There will be no set ‘posting date’, so this will be released sporadically. Please enjoy and give me whatever feedback you deem necessary!

World War Three

World War three is one of the longest wars in CP army history; it spanned from January 2007 to August 2007, the bitter conflict lasting almost eight months! The main conflict occurred between the Underground Mafias Army(UMA) and the Army of Club Penguin(ACP), Pink Mafias and Oagalthorp respectively leading both armies. Today we will cover a little pre-WW3 and some of the early battles.

I. The Discovery of the UMA.

Oagalthorp, creator of the ACP and leader at the time was building up ACP after a depression. Being it December 2006, the ACP site you read off now has not been made. Supremacy over Mammoth had been established following the end of WWII, and all seemed good. But following the discovery of a seemingly harmless Mammoth clan, this was all set to change.

ACP General Nrop  was scouting Mammoth with a recon squad of his. He reported to Oagal about having found a new group on Mammoth. They wore red skins, red bandannas, and had black color skewed throughout their uniforms. They called themselves the “UMA”; none knew what this acronym stood for. In the following weeks, Oagal ordered scouting parties to seek out this “UMA” and their allies, the Gangstas. The armies would often skirmish in the boiler room and snow forts. Oddly enough and unlike other clans, the UMA only grew after each battle.

As the size of UMA grew larger and larger, Oagalthorp decided to look them up online. He found a website on them; they were called the “Underground Mafias Army”. In further research, Oagal found out that the leader of this army was Pink Mafias. He also found that the UMA were hacking CP to obtain rare clothing and coins. This angered Oagalthorp, going against his moral code. He found tampering with Club Penguins content vile and unnecessary.

Pink Mafias

Early picture of UMA with the leader Pink Mafias.

Oagal did not hesitate in taking action. He commented on the UMA site demanding that they stop attacking Mammoth and hacking CP, or ACP declare war. One of UMAs top soldiers, Michael427, replied “Bring it on.” And thus, the war began.

II. The War Begins

Oagalthorp had expected the UMA to accept the war. He figured it’d be done in a few battles, and the UMA would be defeated. No Mammoth clan was going to topple the Army of CP! As examined by history and later admitted by Oagal himself, he was very wrong.

In January of 2007, Oagal set up a raiding party to intercept the UMA at the forts. ACP was greeted by a group twice their size whom attacked them relentlessly. After heated combat, ACP was forced to retreat to the Plaza. Their first ‘official’ confrontation with UMA was met with failure. This loss caused Oagal to reconsider how he could tactically take down UMA, size not being an immediate option.

Back then, the way to fight was to group your army on one side of the room and throw snowballs. Once size was built up enough, the leader would signal a charge. They would regroup at the other side of the field and repeat. It was quite chaotic, and nonetheless effective. Armies of large numbers usually did this. Besides that, smaller groups were more unorganized and sporadic. Oagal, having a part in inventing these ‘conventional tactics’, had an idea to tweak them. From then on out, ACP adopted “hit-and-run” tactics to use on UMA. The ACP would march throughout the server, gathering troops on the way. They would then charge into the room where UMA was stationed and attack for a good 5 minutes, disorienting UMA. ACP would rinse and repeat until the UMA was diminished on the server. It did not always work though! Occasionally UMA would intercept ACPs troop building throwing disorienting them instead! The implementation of Oagals new tactics were slow, and ACP was fighting an uphill battle against a rapidly growing enemy — UMA was winning the new war.


UMA overpowers ACP in the dojo.

Some Trivia:

  • At the time(early 2007), xat had been discovered as a chat service, and slowly spread by word-to-mouth on CP. Chats were created for some armies like the Nachos, but they remained largely inactive.
  • ACP had very organized tactics for an army at the time. Natraully, you obey the leader(if your clan has a leader), and follow his orders. Oagal had signals for when to do what tactics. Otherwise, tactics were done by the leader commanding them on CP. Here is an early post on tactical commands:
  • There were set ‘battle dates’ at the time which meant for an increased presence on a server. However, there was constantly a presence on the server. Skirmishes were very common between armies on a sever, mainly Mammoth.


This is it for this installment of ACP/CP Army History! If you have any questions, PC me, Jacknat02, on chat! Or you can comment on this post and I will reply! Next week we will further delve into the history of World War Three and how Oagals tactical implementations payed off.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Or if you actually joined ACP and didn’t join for a high rank, you would know this already.

  2. Nicely summed up. At least I know more about ACP’s actual history now…hooray!

  3. Yeah, this is a good post. Keep it up, it’s nice to see something other than a results post.

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