The Appointment of Crazy Tow as ACP Leader

Hello, ACP! As you can see by the title, Crazy Tow has now become our US leader. He attends many events, and he has been here for a long time. He’s active, and as you can see, he clearly deserves it. When leaders command the troops to do tactics, he instantly snaps in and encourages the troops to do them. Not only does he master most events, but he recruits a lot. Whenever he sees a miserable chat size that can’t be manageable by the ACP, he will instantly call in troops to recruit with him on a 5 bar server. Congratulations, Crazy Tow! We look forward to having a brand new future with you as leader. Read more for Crazy Tow’s leadership information!

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UK/US Invasion of Northern Lights [ACP Victory]

Greetings ACP,

Today at 8:30pm BST, we logged on to Northern Lights to expect a battle from the Light Troops. There were no lights there, the Light Troops sure did let the North down :mrgreen:. Anyway, we did alright, we averaged 10. After :40, we did some old-school tactics at the Pool with Jack, it was quite fun.

Comment if you came for promotion credit!!!

AUSIA/UK Practice Battle with Nachos 31/03/15

Cześć ACP.

It is clearly no lie that today has been a great day for our AUSIA division. We logged on the server Ice Palace and maxed 21 and had a huge number of people on the chat. The Nachos logged on to face us, but sadly for them we beat them in a landslide. I’m really happy that we’ve improved this much over time and I’m extremely proud of all of those who logged on.

acpevent10 pinkicecreams

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Return from Temporary Leave | Step it up AUSIA

Cześć ACP.

If you haven’t known yet, for the past few weeks I have taken temporary leave due to commitments that I have dedicated myself to in real life, not allowing me to fulfill my duties as an owner in this grande army. However, over the past 24 hours I have chosen to return 2 days earlier than I was supposed to. Why? Because over the next weeks the AUSIA division will be undergoing changes. Star/Myma001 is officially retiring in 2 weeks time, and stability is a large issue. This includes our sizes at events and the future of the AUSIA division. Therefor, for the good of our division, I have decided to return earlier for you.

Over these weeks I plead to you all – especially members of our AUSIA division – do your greatest. We are currently sandwiched between a war with our arch-enemy the Light Troops and the large changes incoming. I need you to bear with me and together we will walk through the hurricane.


ACP Third in Command


Situation of the Ausia Division

Greetings ACP!

This post is notify for everyone and the army. The divison had an awesome week, well done! We have problem come around in the division despite so many problem comes around goes around. Continue reading