Quick Recruiting[US]

Good day all troops, today the US division logged in for a extended recruiting session – where we averaged around 17 and then near 20 at times. We lost many pictures but here are a good few that were recovered! 

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Question of the Day 7.

Greetings, ACP

I don’t know why but you guys consistently want to comment on these posts. Well I guess i have to meet demand. Here it is, QOTD 7. So yesterday I asked “What was your favorite song of 2014” here are my favorites:




The next question will have to be:

“What movie describes your life?”

Make sure you comment and remember to always chew before you swallow.

UK Practice Battle Against The Water Ninjas Results!

Greetings, ACP!

Today, we logged onto Cold Front for a PB against WN. We did extremely well, maxing 16 and averaging 14 with perfect tactics. Unfortunately, I lost all my pics except for one of them. However, it was an overall great event and I’m really proud of you guys. Cudos to you! We managed to beat an army that’s 3rd on the Top Ten! Makes sure to come to the next UK event this week, guys. Also make sure you comment on the next QOTD… 2jLG0Tg

AUSIA U-lead on Breeze 4/30/15

Hey ACP!

Another successful event for AUSIA. After being inactive for atleast 1 day, I feel happy this time of great event like this one, welcome back Jaisick and Haider. With the size of 11 averaging 10, seems it is very decent but it is a pretty terrible start. Continue reading

Question of the Day 6.

Greetings, ACP

Thanks for commenting on QOTD 5. The question was actually “Ruin my childhood in 4 words” All your answers were too funny to comprehend. Here are my favorites. Thanks guys.




The next question is:

“What’s your favorite song of 2014?”

Thanks for reading and remember to always feed your pets.

AUSIA Training Session 28/04/15

Hey ACP.

Today our reforming AUSIA division logged onto Breeze and performed decently. We averaged 10-11 troops and had decent tactics. Our division has recently taken a blow with our loyal Gendarmerie Commodore (old reference) Abhi20’s retirement due to personal issues, so I’d like to wish him the best of luck in life and his future endeavors. Thank you to those who logged on.

acpevent18 coffees

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Quick Recruiting [US]

Aye ACP we didn’t have a event scheduled but we all felt in the mood for some recruiting so we went ahead and hopped on snow angel to nab a recruit or two[though it was only 1 bar] – Anyways we maxed around 22. Nicely done (lost pics thanks to CP losing connection)

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Question of the Day 5.

Greetings, ACP!

I decided to post yet another one of my Questions of the day under gun point. The last question was: “How do you impress girls?” Thanks for commenting. Here are my favorites:


Make sure you comment on the next QOTD. The next question is:

“Ruin my childhood in 4 words”

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Retirement Of Abhi20

Why am I retiring?

Hi guys, as most of you know, I’m busy with my studies these days and I’m unable to attend events. I’ve been skipping so much of my school work and loads of incomplete work is piling on my head. Due to this, my parents have forced me to go to tuitions. And this is taking up most of my time and I’m now unable to attend events or recruit. Besides, this had to happen, my parents have been letting me on the computer like 5 hours on the weekdays and like almost 10 hours on weekends and they HAD to put an end to this. So I’ve decided to move on from Club Penguin Armies. I’ll be on the chat now and then just to chat and check on ACP c:

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Howdy all ACP, the US squad logged in for a nice training session we saw some pretty solid sizes, We first hit breeze town before the start of the event then we moved to Ice Berg and stayed there until the end; Nice job today guys but we can still improve!

we lost many pics but we still managed to nab a few-

We averaged around/near 20

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