Defense of Ice Box [US]

Hello all ACP!

Today mondo and I quickly logged in US troops to go to a cleansing on Ice Box (performed by LT) that we had no idea about until the last second, Shortly before this we had some chat problems but that didn’t stop us from putting out some decent results ;). We averaged around 15 and maxed 17 today. Remember you US mods/Owners need to start getting even more active and recruiting more often.


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UK ~ Invasion Of Misty [VICTORY]

Greetings ACP,

At 7:30pm BST, we logged onto Misty to invade it. For the UK division, the way we were performing lately, we did nicely, we maxed 13 if you look at the E+T waterfall, and averaged 12. Good job UK division, make sure to check the event post for the other invasions. Also congratulations to our new mods, Fire and Ryan, who both also managed to attend this event! :mrgreen:

Comment if you came for promotion credit!!

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Response to LT’s post

Waterkid, our invasions have been perfectly valid, for we have scheduled them 24 hours early, and the schedules have been public, so LT can see them. We have never had to comment on your site in the past, and we won’t now, because it’s not a requirement to post comments on your site to validate the invasion. I haven’t seen LT commenting on ACP’s site, so, by your rules, your invasions are also invalid. We aren’t commenting on your site in case you try any cheap tricks like DDoSing. Start commenting battles on our site, and we will do likewise. If you do not, then the war continues as normal, and all our invasions are valid.

Stop being weak, and fight us.

-The ACP Leadership

AUSIA Invasion Of Chinook//Ice Box//Tea

Greetings ACP,

Today at 12pm UK, we logged onto Chinook, Ice Box and Tea to invade them. We won in all off them with LT being a no-show as usual. We averaged only 7. We can improve, and do a yesterday AUSIA! Read on for the pics and

Comment if you came for promotion credit

Ice Box

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No ACP allowed to join the Insurgents (or help)

Greetings ACP,

As of today, no ACP troop is allowed to join the Insurgents army, or even help. Their leader (Earthing) is a nuisance to ACP, conceivably to other armies. Earthing is a troop stealer. He is just bribing you guys, he gives out xats if you help. We’ve had other cases with Earthing’s troop stealing. The point here is, under no circumstances is any ACP troop to help/join the Insurgents. If you were caught helping/joining the Insurgents, you will be demoted, you wouldn’t like to be demoted here, would you? If you are involved in that army, you are stipulated to leave the Insurgents.

That’s all for now – Ahmed


ACP Promotions March 2015

Greetings ACP,

We have been through a lot during the month of March, retirements, wars and more. Overall, the month wasn’t too bad, but l know we can do better. Let’s make April a good month. Keep reading for the promotions.. and demotions. Just remember.. if your name is in bold, you got promoted, if your name is in italics, you are demoted.

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