USA Invasion of Sherbert [Victory]

Hey ACP!

Today, we logged onto Sherbert, and once again invaded another one of LT’s servers successfully. They were a no-show.

We maxed 16 and averaged 15. The size picked up shortly after we started, and our tactics were decent. Apparently, a group of crabs came to the event and started chanting “crabs” over and over at times, but also joined in the formation and did tactics.

At this rate, the war will soon be over, and LT will have no more servers.

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Victory on Snow Angel!

Hello ACP!

Today we logged onto Klondike for the invasion of Snow Angel, considering Snow Angel is 4 bars. We maxed 13, and averaged 11. While I do see a rise in our US division, we need to keep at it. Our tactics we’re good. Here are some pictures of the event:

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[UK/US] Training @ Breeze

Afternoon all ACP soldiers! Today we just got done with a UK/US battle where we did pretty good (compared other events) But lets keep doing better and better! Anyways this was a joint training @ Breeze where we averaged around 20 & maxed around 22

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All UK and US troops must attend the training session at 3:30pm EST! This is important. All the troops that attend this event will be rewarded with: (if we get 25+)

6ics and under:


Possible membership prizes for lucky troops

4ics + 5ics:

2 lucky 4ics/5ics will get temporary owner for a day

Anyone who recruits for over an hour:

15% increase of end-of-month promotions