Hey ACP!

Today we logged on Breeze, our capital server, to defend against the evil [and soggy] Nachos. We came off the battle field victorious. Every few minutes, the Nachos retreated when it was actually their invasion. We had to chase them, and eventually we destroyed them. It was an action packed 30 minute battle. We maxed 18 and averaged 16-17. Our tactics picked up a lot later on in the battle and we ended having some really  nice tactics. Nachos tried to look big by spreading out in the pictures, but when you count, they are smaller. Nachos, you can claim victory all you want, but the proof is in the pictures. Great job today ACP. Read on for the pictures from the defense! Continue reading

Nachos annihilated (UK) Shiver is ours!

Greetings ACP

Note to Nachos: Our invasion was 24 hours notice + we have servers

Today we logged onto Shiver and had a magnificent event at the start. Nachos logged on late, and they got obliterated! I am proud of the UK force, except you have to pay much more attention during room changes, and formations today were not great too, we lost size during every room change. We maxed 20 and averaged 17 during this event.

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[Monday-US] Training/Recruiting @ White Out

Hello sorry this post is late, after the event last night my internet randomly went out for the night. I was only able to recover a few pics but it’ll atleast give you some ideas of it. We logged into White Out last night to do a little recruiting we averaged around 18 and maxed around 20.

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Ausia Dango Raid of Fjord SUCCESS!

Hey ACP!

Today we raided the Capital of Nachos. In Fjord, we had restored to great sizes and we’re back. Haha! We maxed 20, averaged 16-17. The Nachos didn’t show in this one and desperate. We are just beginning in the war Nachos, we are the “green machine”. Clovers are raining into you’re lands so watch out.

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Soldier of the Month March 2015

Hello ACP, after a not so great month of March, only a few troops stood out. However, we have to choose one particular troop. (Sorry for the short post, I’m not in the mood to post). Keep reading to find out who is the soldier of the month!

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