[US] Battle @ Kosciusko

Hello all ACP, today we logged in for a battle against Nachos @ Kosciusko. It was a pretty competitive battle with both armies hitting the same sizes. We averaged around 15 and maxed around 17. 

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Mod Clearance///// UPDATE: Introduction of RANK CAPS


Activity has been quite shocking amongst the mod ranks, so it’s time we started demoting some of you. You have to recognise that you activity is IMPORTANT- now is not the time to be casually slacking off, and it’s a shame we’re having to do things like this because some of you can’t be bothered to stay active. We’re at WAR here, and we aren’t taking inactivity for an answer.

Being a mod in the ACP is not a right, it’s an honor and privilege, and many of you aren’t taking it serious enough and disrespecting it.

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[UK INVASION]Rockin’ Down the Rocky Road

Edit: At :42 we moved to the berg and had 16 there, but while we were making a formation CP disconnected all of us

Greetings ACP!  Today our UK division logged onto Rocky Road, for yet another uncontested invasion.  It was an easy task for our UK force, in which we averaged 14 and maxed 16.  A slight downgrade from our previous performances this week but let’s make sure it was only a small blip!


Click read more for the rest of the pictures!

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AUSIA Invasion of White House!

Hello Acp!

Today we had an amazing invasion of the server White House against the Nachos who, once again, didn’t show up. We averaged around 20 and maxed 23-25! Make sure to comment if you came, and well done! Here’s the results:

nice e+m

nice e+h
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