[US] Battle @ Hypothermia[VICTORY]

Hello all ACP soldiers today we logged in for the invasion of hypothermia, This was once again a huge competitive battle but ACP came out on top! Today we showed some good tactics & formations and we stayed on for nearly 1 hour! Nice job today; We averaged around 17 and maxed over 20.

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My last getting to know troops post!

Hello Acp!

As a lot of you already know, I’m retiring in 2 days and this will be my last ‘Getting to know troops’ post! Luckily, I think Mondo’s going to continue this series (Thanks a lot Mondo <3)! So today I interviewed two amazing soldiers – Abhi and Elsa! Let’s see what they had to say! I have also added the reason why I actually made these posts. So read on, if you want to find out!

lol yay

Me (Star) = Green

Elsa and Abhi = Purple


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AUSIA Invasion of Sleet 10/04/15

Greetings ACP.

Our AUSIA division invaded the server Sleet from the Nachos, and as usual the Nachos did not show their faces. We averaged 15 and maxed 18, so a very well done to you all. Thank you to those who came on today, and I believe that we can easily improve as a division from here on.

acpevent12 money

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