My last getting to know troops post!

Hello Acp!

As a lot of you already know, I’m retiring in 2 days and this will be my last ‘Getting to know troops’ post! Luckily, I think Mondo’s going to continue this series (Thanks a lot Mondo <3)! So today I interviewed two amazing soldiers – Abhi and Elsa! Let’s see what they had to say! I have also added the reason why I actually made these posts. So read on, if you want to find out!

lol yay

Me (Star) = Green

Elsa and Abhi = Purple


My interview with Elsa

What do you like the best about Acp? umm I love the events, they’re fun!

Awesome! They sure are c: yep

Alright, the next question! Did you like the puffle party? yes I did!

Awesome, what did you like the best about it? umm idk really, it was all nice!

It sure was 😉 Now for some questions about yourself!

What is you favourite animal? Rabbits and horses c:

They’re so cute! I like them too c; cool c:

What’s your favourite colour? Purple!

Alright, thanks for you time Elsa! Yw c:

My interview with Abhi

What do you like the best about the Acp? The thing I like best about Acp is that we hire less people into our leadership making this army one of the armies with no coups. This also helps maintain stable leadership in our army.

Interesting! Did you like the puffle party? I didn’t like the Puffle Party because the Puffle Wild thing is now pointless and you could adopt puffle in-game which is very easy.

True! Now for some questions about yourself, what’s your favourite animal? Dog

Cool! What’s your favourite colour? Blue

Is there anything you want to change in the Acp? More people should recruit! Everybody should join Acprf and recruit atleast an hour per day! Also, bring anime back!

I AGREE!!! Haha, especially the anime part 😉 Thanks for your time Abhi! Np np!

The reason why I made these posts

The reason why I created this series was because I wanted to involve the troops and interact with them. Also, its pretty fun too! Afterall, you ‘get to know’ so much about their opinions and likes and dislikes! Honestly, this series is really special to me – it ‘s something I’ve loved a lot! You get to hear the soldiers speak about various matters and express their opinions, and that should be respected. Anyway’s this marks my last ‘Getting to know troops post’! I might post sometime in the future, if I am permitted to c: Till then byee ❤

– Star

Comment if you want to be interviewed!



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