War Events – 13/4/15 – 19/4/15


[UK] Training Session [ON 5-BAR SERVER]

8.30PM GMT

3.30PM EST

2.30 PM CST

1.30PM MST

12.30PM PST

Read more for invasion times/other events!

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The Retirement of Star/Myma001 – Acp Ausia Leader

My 68th post!!!!

Hey Acp!

It’s Star, your Ausia leader. Make that retired Ausia leader 😦 Yes, I am retiring. This tremendous journey I had, in my words ‘asdfghjkl’, honestly I couldn’t ask for more. The reason I’m retiring is due to my school-life getting extremely chaotic and eventful. I hardly have any time left to lead my beautiful Ausia division and acp of course! So, that resulted in this. I’m extremely sorry. I, sadly, present to you my retirement post.

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My last event (Invasion of Snow Fort) [Ausia/UK]

Hello Acp!

Today we logged on the server Snow Fort for my last event (invasion)! The nachos didn’t show up, and we dominated the server. Thanks for coming everybody, we even made a star formation and a s one too! We averaged 25 and maxed 28-30! I’ll miss you guys ❤ Here’s the results:

my last event star

my last event e+h

my last event s

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ACP Recap #59 |5-11th April|

Heyheyhey, look what we have here today! Welcome to my ACP RECAP! This is ACP Recap #59 – Nacho war no.1934829348203. 

It’s Purp here again. I’m back from my vacation – sad, miserable, jet lagged…… yet refreshed…. er, I guess.

I have taken off a bit of my holiday time lazing about to write this groovy post and I have forgotten about how much revision I have (AND HAD!!) to do for all these crazy tests coming up at school. Don’t get why the tests are AFTER the holidays. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, ACP?!?!?  Well anyway, read more for my freshly hand-typed ACP Recap and discover how awesome our week was!

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