My last event (Invasion of Snow Fort) [Ausia/UK]

Hello Acp!

Today we logged on the server Snow Fort for my last event (invasion)! The nachos didn’t show up, and we dominated the server. Thanks for coming everybody, we even made a star formation and a s one too! We averaged 25 and maxed 28-30! I’ll miss you guys ❤ Here’s the results:

my last event star

my last event e+h

my last event s

my last event e+9

my last event dumplings

my last event e+f

Comment if you came! 

– Star

Acp Ausia Leader

16 Responses

  1. I came!! and first comment!


    :c gurgle.

  3. I cameee

  4. I came.

  5. Sorry I didn’t come. It was 4pm at that time. And I got tired and went to sleep. But we will miss you Star! Love you! :mrgreen:


  6. came innit


  8. Came

  9. dango 😦

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