The Retirement of Star/Myma001 – Acp Ausia Leader

My 68th post!!!!

Hey Acp!

It’s Star, your Ausia leader. Make that retired Ausia leader 😦 Yes, I am retiring. This tremendous journey I had, in my words ‘asdfghjkl’, honestly I couldn’t ask for more. The reason I’m retiring is due to my school-life getting extremely chaotic and eventful. I hardly have any time left to lead my beautiful Ausia division and acp of course! So, that resulted in this. I’m extremely sorry. I, sadly, present to you my retirement post.

How did I join Acp?!

I have to admit, I have no idea when I first joined Acp. Maybe around February 2014?
Ps:- I never actually submitted a join comment

As most of you probably know, I was a moderator in the Riffy888 chat, which, by the way, is famous for banning all the nasty (lovely) chat-recruiters.

I somehow got into this community 3 years ago, but then like a lot of the new soldiers, I simply did not understand the purpose of armies.(I joined armies like Chaos and Swat) So, I left this community and dedicated my time to the riffy’s chat.

Then again, after years I got recruited into Acp! Flipmoo recruited me from one of my friends army chat. Or was it from riffy?! I found acp to be a great place, with amazing people and so I joined! That’s where it all started!

My journey with Acp!

During my initial days in the army, I hardly talked and socialized. (Unbelievable right?!)infact didn’t really talk to anybody. Until I met my amazing friends, Kat, Snake, and Amax, who joined a bit later.
At that time snake was a high-member or maybe even a mod.
I spent loads of my time with them, and honestly those moments are something I will cherish. Soon after (Around 6 months), I became a moderator, which during those days was called ‘captain'(I think). Oh my how could I forget, Lauren, my friend from Riffy’s came along with me too!
Ya we had loads of fun!! Haha, so then I basically had the time of my life. Okay moving on. I met Mrtchy. Who well, seemed to have fun too! Remember how you made me rage? We even stopped talking to each other for a while. After that I met amazing people like lionzzzzzzzzzzz, with whom I doodled a lot, and rachie my cupcake friend!

Some of my first comments on the site!

Some of my first comments on the site!

Then I met Splasher/KEEENFISH and DWDWDWDWDWDWDWDWDW, yes that’s what I called them.

They were amazing. (The are <3)

Carson,Lionz, and me!!

Carson,Lionz, and me!!

So after a while, I became a 3ic of the Army of cp(September 14th 2014)! At first, I was extremely nervous and frightened, but it all became easy because of my lovely teachers and friends. After a while, I became the leader of the Ausia division (December 7th 2014). I met loads of other people along my journey at this point.
My dango siblings, my bestie dann, the wonderful moderators – Rockman, Jai, Agent, Will
And Abhi, who always assisted me!

At that time, it was just rock and me as the only owners of the Ausia division. I think we did pretty good , and we enjoyed ourselves too! We have a pretty great ausia comminuty in the Acp right now, it’ll always be the best ❤ Agent, Rockman, Will you guys are great ~We have recently added a new member to our lovely ausia leadership – Vex. Im sure he’ll do great 😉

Oh yes, and a special mention to Jack for entertaining me with great music and e+9 emotes.

Currently, our Ausia division is the best and im sure it will always continue to be. @ the whole cp army community 😉

I couldn’t ask for more acp. I love you guys, anddd you’ll be remembered forever in my heart ❤ Love you all ❤

my last event star


my last event s


Lovely People ❤

Ps: Im sorry if I forgot any of you. I wrote this like 2 days before my retirement, I wish I could write more 😦

Just ctrl + F your name!

I’d like to start of by thanking my lovely Ausia division. I couldn’t have done it without any of you. You guys are truly wonderful and mark my words you’ll always be the best Ausia ever ❤ 

Secondly, all the leaders, advisors, commanders(Ahmed,Skyfish,Mondo,Bam,Maxy,Vex,Flipmoo,Boomer,Capn,Ajman(Arch),Luma,Purp,Fluffy,mch, Kenneth)Thanks a lot for your assistance. Acp is lucky to have you all. 

To the cp army community: All of you are great! 😉

Flipmoo : You brought me into Acp and guided me. I remember how i was this introvert who hardly talked (during my initial days) and you’d always encourage me. Couldn’t ask from more Flip. You’ve done so much for me. You’ve supported me whenever I was at my lowest, you told me I could do it when I thought I couldn’t. Oh yes and thankss for the anime too aha. 😉
It was an honour serving under your leadership. Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done this without you. ❤


Mrtchy : hi xd. Where do I start?!?!?! I’ve had so much fun ~ you’d always cheer me up whenever I was at my lowest. I still remember how I raged at you for teasing me once, wasn’t that fun? Ahah. Mrtchy, idk how many times I’d told you I couldn’t do it but you’d always encourage me and look where I am now. You’ve taught me everything. I remember how I was a new 3ic and I was full of dread but you helped me get out of it. Under your leadership, I truly had fun and it was an honour as well. Thank you so much Mrtchy, I wouldn’t have gotten here without you. We’ve had fun too aaha. Thank you so much Mrtchy ❤ you’ve done so much for me.

Ken : kenfish ❤ From literature talks to starfishes. I remember as a mod, we’d keep talking about various books . You’ve done so much for me I can’t even.. You’re the one who made me watch anime. SAO clannad (my favorites) were all suggested by you!  KEEENFESHSHS idk how many names I have for u – Kenfish kenfhshshsh keeeenfeeessh. They’re all so kawaii hehe! I’ll miss u ❤ Thanks for supporting me always ❤ we’ll keep talking ❤ Ily, You’ve done so much for me.. i dont even know how to..  I’ll keep bothering you on kik dont worry kirito kun. MY KIRITOOOO KUUUN ❤

Dw : DWDWDWDWDWDWDWDWDWDWDW WHERE ARE YOU? Remember how we’d spam the chat with dwdwdwdw and starstarstar? That was fun xddd and how you’d wake up till 12 just to talk to me. You were so asdfghjkl ❤ I hope you read this someday. Dwdwdw im ‘wordless’ again. Thank you so much. You encouraged me so much and supported me always. I dont even know how to efifjadigejfhf. Im wordless again, miss you so so so much ❤ Oh yes, and here’s some cookies and lemonade 😉 ILYSM DW, you’re everything to meeeeeeeeeeee<3 UR MY DW OK? DWDWDWDWDWDWDWDWDW!!! COME BACK PLEASE. 
Kat : My bff ❤ we were members and moderators together and we’ve had loads of fun together. Remember the STAR4LEEDUR AND KAT4LEEDUR, xD I remember how Mrtchy and I would always tease you about… Nevermind 😉 Anyways, thanks for supporting me always kat. luvvvv u bff
Amax : I don’t think you’re going to read this but you were great. I remember our little ausia community, with kat snakey you and me. It was loads of fun!!! Hope you come back someday
Snake : lol we’ve had fun too. I remember how you disappeared from the acp and then I found you at the rainbow chat loool. As a member and moderator you’ve been a great friend since then. We’ve trolled, we’ve had sooo much fun! Thanks a lot snakey, we’ll keep investigating < u no wat im talking about M8

cpps 2


Obama and putin remember? lel

Super : SUPERRRRR COOKIE (CCC) lol remember our so called traditions? We’ll keep that up. 😉
You’ve been an amazing friend superrrrr ❤ we’ve shared so many amazing moments. Well of course, its a pity you couldn’t fool me ahaha. Besides that thanks for being a great friend.We’ve shared jokes nobody would understand we’ve been a bit inap at times, I have to admit and of course we’ve spammed 😀  xDDDD miss u bby ❤ COOKIES 4 EVER (remember our cookie kik group?)

super lol

Dean : m999999 roflcopter dango daikazoku. Thanks for joining acp and helping in all those events, and bearing my rant xddddd. What else do I say to my brother? I’M TELLING MUM!! ahaha, miss you! Actually we’ll keep talking so nvm ❤ PAPERCUT IS FAB
Shad : shadbaeeeeeee I wish I got to know u more. You’re a great friend 😉

aw cuteee
puff : DANGO SISTA. The dango siblings will continue to persist eternally. hehe you were honestly like a sister. I remember when we first met, all we talked about was anime ❤ we share so many cheerful memories. For example, singing songs like “I GOTTA STAY HIGH ALL THE TIME” ayy lmao. Also, we shared a lot of stuff with each other. We’ve talked about so many things ~ Keep in touch puff 😉 dango siblings forever ❤

how cute


vex : um xddddddddddd ayy lmao. I hope that army gets into cpac xddddddd. Dango brother, we’ve had amazing memories ~ remember how we had this anime op marathon? That was funnnnn. AYY LMAOOO ehehe and im sure you’ll do great bby ❤ dango daikazoku forever ok? Thanks for encouraging me too! We’ve enjoyed ourselves so much – dango daikazoku tactics, funny talks, our kik group ~ Also, it was amazing leading with you ❤ luv u so much bby!!!!! keep in touch 😉


ayy lmao

I think Ahmed made this xD



ahmed : bby you’re so classic. Lel we’ve been together as moderators and according to me you’re an AMAZING and classic leader 😉 stay amazing and achieve that number one spot. Bbyyyyy ur so classic. Remember our doodle wars? Wasn’t that fun? We’d be like that’s your grave ahaha!! You’ll make acp rise bby ❤

aw ahmed <3

aw ahmed ❤

purp : hiiiii girlll powerrrr!!!! I remember as a moderator, i’d always admired how you interacted with the troops so much ~ i’ll miss u purp!!!!! girls forever 😉 Thanks a lot purp, you’ve done loads for me. I wish I could do the same for you… like really ❤

gian : Hey Gian, I remember you as a member! You’re a great moderator and I’ll miss you!!

Bam : An amazing owner. It’s great to have you in the Army of cp Bam, I’ll miss you so much ❤ It’s sad I couldn’t get to know you much (due to time differences)!

skipper : hi. thanks for commenting on my getting to know troops post xD lol you’re funny at times ~ miss youuuuuuuuu.

buggins : A good troop. Do well in the Acp Bug, miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
fluffy : HIIIIIIIIIII mudkip you’re a great friend! Thanks for being friendly and nice! 😉 i’ll miss you so much too! 😦 FLUFFY IS SO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB I remember how you actually wrote “star is fab” on your post xD I’LL MISS YOU MUDKIPPPPP
Sercan : Idk if you’ll see this but it was great talking to you! Especially about Sao! Miss you ~
sheep : BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thanks for being a great friend since the days at riffy’s 😉
Clade : AN amazing friend! miss you!!

Rish : Want some cookies? I remember how you used to lead rf and you gave me sooo many cookies to make me join ahah! I’ll miss you so much ~ you were a great friend.
Kenz : We were moderators together! Idk where you went but you were great 😉 cya!!

Haider : I’ll miss you bruhhhhhh! You’re a great troop and a friend 😉 hugz 4 everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Red : hiii thanks for everything red! You’re my favourite colour. Miss you!

Max : hi lol, thanks for helping out ~ you were um funny xD miss u!

Vivi : You’ve been such a lovely friend, it was so sweet how you came to my last event. I’ll miss you so much vivi. You’ve been so amazing ~ I  miss talking to you 😥 Oh and my wattpad is sparkstars or something ~ Keep in touch ❤

Archie : lol. we’ve been best friends since Riffy’s. It’s great to have you join acp Archieeeee. Make sure to keep it amazing 😉 idk what else to say ~ OH YA MARRY KIM JONG UN OKAY? Just kidding 😉 bffs foreverrrr ❤
Vivek : Heeeey! I’ve known you since I was a moderator back at Riffy. We’ve had our ups and downs but Vivek you’re a great friend! Miss you 😉

Earthing : We’ve had our ups and downs, but you were always a great friend. Remember the rainbow chat lol. We’ve had loads of fun, Cya! I’ll miss youuuuuuu. Thanks for everything ~

Taqi : Ermahgerd, I haven’t seen you in like forever. I remember how you used to be in acp and then you went to the rpf :c i’d always go to the rpf to talk to you! i’ll miss u!! Take care!
rockstar : I’ve seen you as a member, I’ve seen you as an owner. You were a great soldier Rock. We’ve had loads of fun together, remember um going on cpps? Haha! Take care of the Ausia division 😉

Archie, June, Rockstar, Will, and meee!

Archie, June, Rockstar, Will, and meee!

rockman : A great moderator and soldier. You’re honeslty one of the most loyalest troops ever. Stay awesome Rockman 😉
jai : an amazing mod and soldier, its sad you left us! You had promised me to keep the ausia division the best ever :c I hope you join back!! Remember your promise ok??? I’ll miss you!!!

Fire : You’re an amazing moderator Fire, I enjoyed those fun conversations with you on the kik group chat ~ truly a cute and cheerful person hehe. I’ll miss you so much Fire :c
lauren : My friend since the days of the dragon and of course Riffy888! PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON LIVED BY THE SEA!!!

djkb : You were a great an owner Dj! Do well 😉
lionz : It’s sad we dont talk much anymore 😦 I remember how we’d be like lionzzzzzzzzz and starrrrrrrrrrr the whole day! Also, our amazing doodles 😉 I’ll miss youuuu
rachie : CUPCAKEEE FRIENDDDDD I’ll miss you so much, you’ve been such a great friend! We’ve talk so much c: we’ll make cupcakes together some day ~ Keep in touch  😉
Athul : WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU? I’ve been missing you! You’ve been a great friend. Remember how we had this gaming session everyday? You even made me play Tanki! Haha, I’ll miss you soooooooo much ❤
Jessica : Jesssssssss  It’s a shame you left Acp 😦 but you’ve been a great friend.(even though you were in lt) luvvvvvv u so much!! Innocent jess c: You’re so amazing! Thanks for everything Jess, I’ll always miss you ❤
Zaini : Hey Zainiiiiii, you are an amazing person, and honestly its great to have you in acp 😉
light : Omg Light I’ll miss you so much! I remember our anime talks. Thanks for helping acp and me 😉 Miss youuuu 😦
Abhi : I honestly need to thank you for everything. You’ve been like an assistant, I kept ordering you around and you kept up with it. Im sorry about that xD Remember how we’d go and um troll on the Nachos and Lt? ehehe wasn’t that fun?! Also thanks a lot for helping me withmy retirement post, ayy lmao! You have a great future in the Ausia community 😉 I’ll miss you so much Abhi, keep Ausia running 😉 Miss youuuuuuuuuuu and our funny memories ~

nachos lol     HOT SAS!!! Abhi,Snake lol ❤


Abhinav : Heeeeey Abhinav, you’ve been an amazing friend. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it Abhiiiii  Miss you so much 😉
Peach : peach you’re so sweet. you’re one of the sweetest mods ever 😉 oh yes, and keep up with annoying super!!! 😉
Daisy : A great Ausia moderator! You were not only a sweet and nice moderator but you were an amazing friend too! I remember you as a troop hehe! It’s great to have you back in the Acp.  I’ll miss you so much 😉
Daisy : Idk where you are but you were honestly such a sweet troop ❤
Jazzer/ Dan : I remember seeing you as a member on the Acp chat! Do well Cpworld 😉 Keep the ayy lmao running xDDDD I’ll miss you a lot!

Asuna Yuki/ Ravenpaw : When I first met you on the IW chat, I remember asking does anybody like anime, and you were like yea SAO and I was like OMGOMGOMGG ❤ hehe! Sao lovers foreverrrr and clannad too. You’re a great Ausia leader and I’ll miss you so much ❤
Rix : Heeeeey Rix, I hope you read this someday ~ you’ve been a great friend and thanks for everything! Especially all that anime talk! 😉
Mondo : MONDODODODODODO, you’re a great owner. (especially since you like sao) Jk! I still remember how we’d have so much fun during early ausia times! Playing oldcp, acting like retards yeaaa we’ve had loads of fun! I hope you do well in the Acp, make it rise 😉 ❤ miss youuu

cpps 4

snake,abhi,mondo,and me – having fun together ~

Coldy : hiiii coldy baeeeeeeeeeee, i’ll miss you so much 😉
Owl city : I dont think you remember but I used to be in Chaos under your leadership a loooong time ago, we’ve been friends since then! I remember how you came to the riffy chat once and i was like omg i finally found you!!! Haha, I’ll miss you owl!!
Funky : MY FUNKY dfJDGDGKJA PINKY <3333 AYY LMAO UR SO AMAZING! I’LL MISS YOU SO MUCH PINKY! we’ve had loads of uh fun together! 😉  IM SO FUNKY, YOU ALREADY KNOOOW  singing songs, acting extremely crazy, and what not! make sure ayy lmao gets into cpac 😉 PINKYYYYY I’LL MISS YOU 😥 keep in touch ~
Pham : Hey Pham, you’re a great mod! I remember how used to wake up early just to attend the Ausia events. I appreciate it! I’ll miss you so much PHAAAM 😦
Will : A wondeful moderator of the Ausia division. I remember you as a troop Will, you were so loyal 😉 I’ll miss you!

Jack : We’ve had senseless conversations. Even so, you’re a great owner! I have to admit you have made me laugh a lot! Thanks Jack, I’ll miss you! Baaa 😉



Agent ryan : Agent! I remember how we had the ‘prank’ competition, that was fun! You’re a great moderator Agent, make sure to keep the ausia division shining ok? miss you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: im a ghost buster

Mes mommy : A great troop, I’ll miss you!

Arine : A wonderful and sweet person. I will miss you so much Arine. Do well in the Acp okay? miss you!
Andy : Heya you were a pretty good Ausia troop ~ miss you!
Sonic : Hiii Sonic, you’ve been extremely nice to me despite the recent events. Thanks a lot for that Sonic! I’ll miss you a lot!
Psy : CSY! I remember how you stumbled into our rainbow group chat and since then we’ve been great friends! I was astonished to find you leading wv. Honestly, you’ve been so awesome – one of the best wv owners. Only if you joined Acp, hehe jk! Remember our looong conversation and the kik group with Pinky/Funky? I’ll miss you so much!
Ashs : Hey Ashs. You are a great soldier. You’ve attended almost every event, and I was surprised how grasped how the army worked so quickly! Well done Ashs, I’ll miss you! Ausia power!
Spinster : You and your brother both showed great skills in the Army of cp, I hope you keep doing that! I’ll miss you!
Kingfunks : You’re honestly a wonderful owner, I’ve admired your leadership skills a lot. It’s great to have you back. It’s a shame I couldn’t lead much with you ~ I’ll miss you funks!

Mohmd : We used to be moderators together. I’ll miss you Mohmd!

Sean : Idk where you are, but we’ve had fun! I’ll miss you!

Crazy Tow : You’re funny, and you’re a pretty good moderator too! I’ll miss you.
Waddler : Waddler xD I remember how you’d pc me as a member and we’d always talk about weird stuff. Besides that, it was great to have an awesome soldier like you! Miss you Waddler 😉
Sophia superjay my fab community : Continue to spread the Fab. You guys are faaaab ~ miss you!
Pippio : Oh my god. The sweetest and cutest person ever! Pippio, you’re soo sweet. I’ll miss you so much ❤ Stay lovely ~
Greencube : Mr Green box.. I mean cube hehe! I remember how I found you on the dw chat and we kept talking about anime. I think we were talking about sao and clannad. It was great to have you in the Acp Green (Afterall you’re a ‘green cube)! You kept the chat alive by various anime talks. I’ll miss our conversations and our talks!
Froogz : You’re so sweeeeeet c; c; c; c; lel. Honestly, you deserved troop of the month ;D Keep being sweeeeet froogz luv u!! girl power!!
Zek : Hey Zekrom. Despite the fact you lead the nachos ausia division, you’ve been a good friend. I’ll miss you.
Izun : Hey Izun! I remember you as a mod/member in the Acp. You were so great, I’ll miss you a lot :c

Ark : Hey Ark. You’re an amazing troop, keep working hard!

Ash : We were moderators together, and we had lots of fun (especially all that doodling) It’s sad you left Acp :c I’ll miss you though! Thanks for everything Ash c;
Haroon : Hey Haroon, it was great talking to you ~ Especially when I came on the dw chat. I remember you as a Dw mod and remember how we would congratulate each other on getting 2ic/3ic! Miss you ~

skull : Skullllll I was so surprised to find you on the Acp chat xD we’ve been friends since I was at Riffy’s. We’ve had loads of fun together and I’ll miss you so much Skullzzzz! Byee
Chris : I don’t know how many times I’ve actually told you how much I love you work. It’s absolutely amazing Chris! Oh yes, and AYY LMAO ❤
Dann : DANN luvvvv u baeeee ❤ ❤ Remember how we’d go on Tos and um try to get the role of the mafia? That was fun! I remember how we first met. I went to the dw chat and I noticed a person with a cute picture of Asuna. I recall spamming your pc saying OMGOMGOMG ASUNA I LOVE SAO. We share so much in common! Both of us love similar anime’s – Sao Fairy tail and more, we love music too! Oh yea and remember oasis? xD you’ve always made me feel so special Dann!You’re an amazing bestie, I’ll miss you so much baeee (pls don’t cry :c) ❤
Harry : Hey Harry! I’ve known you for quite some time. I remember you as a moderator ( I think we were moderators together) Anyways, I’ll miss you a lot! Byee :c
Gokul : An amazing soldier. It’s great to have you in the Acp Ausia division. You’re pretty awesome too. I’m sure you’ll do great. I’ll miss you so much Gokul :c
Peter : Another great UK mod ~ I’ll miss you Peter!
Mchappy : You’ve helped me in times of need. I remember going to runescape for the Acp clan thing (what happened to that :c). It’s sad I wasn’t there to see you lead buttt even so as an advisor you’ve helped me loads. Thanks a lot Mchappy! I’ll miss you.
Elsa : A sweet troop c: I hope you do well Elsa, miss you c:

stone : I miss playing ToS with you ❤

Crazy Tow : You’ve been so funny and sweet Crazy! Idk how many times you’ve made me laughed ~ Thanks a lot, and do well! c:

Strike/ rock : Idk where you are bruh. Honestly, we’ve had so much fun together ~ Remember the fun old Ausia days? I’ll miss you loads strike/rock. ❤

Bullet : A SKYYY FULL OF STARSS loool I remember seeing you in dark warriors hehe, and then you joined Acp! I’ll miss u so much ~

Roboo : Another great Ausia soldier. Roboo, you’re so amazing c: I remember you when you just started off in acp hehe! I’ll miss you loads ~

Whatsupp11 : UR NOT KIM JONG UN HUN! miss you ~ ❤

Culd : Heeeey Culd, you’ve been a great troop! I’ll miss you loads ~

Diezl : Diezllll, i’ll miss you so much. Do well ~

Minh/Meiho :  eyyy minh I’ll miss you ❤ We’ll keep talking though so don’t worry xD

Louie : Eyyy Louie, it’s sad the Ausia timings didn’t suit you but honestly you’re a great soldier and I’ll miss you.

Phineas : Heeeeey, you’re a great person from Iw ~ miss you

Freedude : Sup Free! You’re a funny and an extremely active troop, I’ll miss you loads ~

quag : ur cute ~ miss u!

Kreme : I’ll miss you soooo much Kreme, keep in touch okay?

Sallie : You’re so sweet Sallie! I’ll miss you so much ~

Rocky : heeeeeey you’re um site is pretty entertaining Rocky! I’ll miss you!

Agentgreen : A wonderful troop, stay awesome! 😉

Ayush : I’ll miss yaaaaaa, I remember seeing you and talking on rpf hehe!

Pinguu : I remember seeing you at rpf!! I’ll miss you Pinguuuu!

@ the ayy lmao community (Vex,Max,Super,Ahmed,Dann,Dan(Cpw),Pinky/Funky,Abhi,Puff): I’LL MISS YOU! LUV U GUYS! AYY LMAO. Join us today!

im still laughing we’re like 7th on smap


Also @ dango siblings(vex and puff) Honestly I couldn’t have done this without you. You have supported me always. Thank you so much.

@ dann You’re so sweet, thank you so much Dann.


dannnnnn luv u ❤ puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff archie is awesome VEX VEX VEX VEX VEX VEX VEX VEX VEX M999999 fluffy is faaaaaaab Papercut is fab

Fun Facts:

I used ❤ << around 329489348 times, you’re all so amazing ❤

How could I not include my favourite anime in my post!?!?!!? So here’s my favourite all time opening ❤

dango daikazoku too ❤

I love you all – Star, Retired Acp Ausia leader/2ic

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  1. im so fab

  2. i didnt know you were a ghost buster

  3. ps gonna miss ya 😦

  4. i hate dango

  5. dango ❤

  6. Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, until we meet again!

  7. Congratulations for doing an awesome for the awesome ausia! =D

    You’ve never let ausia down. I’m happy you enjoyed your time here and whatever you do in life i’m sure you’ll do as great as you did on here – you were given a hard task and you kicked it’s ass!

    I hope to see you around often to chat and I hope you had a good time at ACP and enjoy the life ahead of you!

  8. Love you. Miss you.

  9. I think I’m gonna cry. Like fr.

  10. Noooooo Star don’t gooooo! You were such a kind and amazing leader who I really looked up to 🙂 You’re gonna have a fabulous future and I wish you all the best! Girl powah 5ever!! xx

  11. Noooooo don’t gooo Star! You were such a kind and amazing leader and I really looked up to you ❤ I know you're gonna do fabulous in the future and I wish you all the best! Gurl powah 5ever!!! 😀

  12. Goodbye Star. I don’t know if ACP will accept this comment, but you were truly one of the best AUSIA troops we ever had. Thanks for being in the ACP! :mrgreen:

  13. Aww, bye Star!

  14. Sorry I couldn’t ‘cum’ to your retirement event, you are one of the best people I have ever ever met in ACP, I defended you at times and you defended me, the traditional style we have every time we talk is amazing and being a cookie is certainly cool. You got me into Anime so thanks for ruining any chance I have of getting good grades =D. Also the cookie factory kik group will forever stand strong with the topics of cookies and well cookies… I also just realised that this whole paragraph makes no sense but I’m trying to put across how much you mean to me, forever a friend and I’ll miss you plus you have to vist chat often so you can see me annoy Mrtchy and I can annoy you by chatting about Death note =D Please always keep in touch with me <3333 I'll miss you so much Star…. Oh and thanks for always calling me the evil master on ACPTR chat..

  15. I will miss you so much. 😦 Bby you’re so classic.

  16. Here’s my attempt to make an acp parody of dango daikdapidfoaifoiergwrofpwigw:
    army army army army army army of club penguin
    army army army army army of club penguin

    errr that’s it. sowwy. hard to do foreign songs.
    star can’t believe it- 14 months in ACP and you’ve led ACP successfully already! bai ma gurlfriend, you know that the ausia love you so i sure hope you’re gonna come on chat a lot.

    i just noticed… you’ve made this army ‘star’struck!!! for you, i mean!

  17. You are an awesome, kind and fun person! Never stop being that! Good luck in the future and have fun! We will all miss you! 😛

  18. Enjoy retirement…. even though I never met you, I know you were a good person. May the Force Be With You, always,

    -Dr Volk, who is also retired from CP Armies

  19. NO STAR NO D:
    I only knew you for a lil’ while, not nearly long enough. But I knew you for long enough to know that you are the kindest person I’ve ever seen.
    Not once have you ever even called someone ‘Peasant’ (Shame I can’t say the same oops) Or been an ab00se m00se or anything! When I think of ‘Star from ay see pee’ I will always think of the lovely soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly.. probably
    You also remind me of fortune cookies. And fairy dust. Just like spreading magic and wonder through the world. Or XAT, anyway.

    Star.. Star..
    Shines so bright you can see her from afar..
    More fabulous than a.. car..
    Doesn’t resemble.. tar..
    Makes me go.. har har..
    Nobody’s as amazing as Star!

    DID YOU LIKE IT? It took ages to make.

    I’m actually writing this while battling IW so I have to keep switching screens, so pls forgive me if there are any random mistakes in this paragraph. Thank you for mentioning me, even though I’m only ay see pee’s stray cat. I’m retiring next weekend, almost-twins! :O

    Anyway, LOVE YOU STAR ❤

  20. Sssssstttaaaaaarrrrrr 😥 I may or may not have still been asleep for your last event (so sorry…) but I’ll miss you :c

  21. Pinky misses u 😉

  22. As I begin to reach the end of my odyssey, I look back and realize that you are one of the pillars that kept me in this army. You have been here for this army and your friends in times of need, and you have set an example of a true ACP soldier.

    In the rather short time I’ve known you (September/November – Present) you’ve been as bright as a star. I still remember the great memories that we shared, even the times where we were upset. Those are memories that I will treasure in years to come.

    Thank you for being who you are Star, and hopefully the Dango Siblings will remain in touch. I wish you the best of luck in real life.

    – dango brother

  23. dango, dango, dango, dango. dango, daikazoku~

    Star, you are one of the best friends that I have met in the CP army community. I was really glad to see you rise through the ranks and reach this far. You have done an absolutely amazing job of continuing to lead the AUSIA division and this is something that you should be very proud of.

    We’ll keep in touch, of course.

  24. I never met you because of the time difference (EST) but you will be missed Star! Good luck in life!

  25. Late, but farewell.
    *wipes tear from eye* ;(

  26. We will miss you specially me… Sister ❤ 😥 😥

  27. I’m not gonna stay goodbye star, I’m gonna say good luck.
    *Spock* Live long and prosper.

  28. I will really miss you star!!!!!My ACP journey started with you…..I really enjoyed having events with you!!

  29. Bye Star,you were a great friend and a leader

  30. Baeee ❤ I broke your promise, I cri eri tiem, Baee you'll always be me No. 1. You've always been there and yeah, We share a lot in common, I'll miss these times. I'm sure there'll be more tho 🙂 Thanks for being an amazing leader and bestie <3. Miss ya already
    SAO is Love. SAO is Life
    Love ya ❤
    -Dann/Cisco/Baeee ❤

  31. It’s really sad to see you go, Star.
    I still remember your days as a member! You started off slow, gradually started to understand how armies worked, and before I know it you had become one of the most prominent AUSIA leaders of all time.
    I was extremely impressed with how much you improved, especially after Mrtchy retired and the AUSIA division was put into your hands. The AUSIA division under your leadership held its prestige and importance, and continued to be a dominant force in CP warfare.
    You have no idea how amazed we all were with how great of a leader you were, and I cannot thank you enough for all of the time and effort you’ve put in to keep ACP’s AUSIA force in shape and successful.

    I enjoyed talked about anime with you too! Haha xP
    I hope we can still talk with each other about various things when we meet each other again.
    It was an honor being able to have such a wonderful troop under my leadership, and the successes under your leadership surpasses that gratitude. May your name be remembered as one of the most prominent AUSIA leaders of all time. ^^

  32. You’ve been having a lot of retirements lately..

  33. I know it’s been more than an year but I did finally see this.
    I hope you’re happy and living a good life. 🙂 You were an amazing soldier for the ACP.
    I miss our chats too. 😦

  34. I know it’s been more than an year now but I have finally seen this. Sorry for the delay lol…
    I hope you are living a good life and that everything is ok. 🙂
    You were a fantastic soldier in the army, I still remember this.
    I also miss our chats about.. nobody talks about SAO at all anymore..

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