Battle @ Cozy [US]

Hello troops, today we had a decent battle against the nachos at the server Cozy. We averaged around 13 and maxed around 15 – 16- The battle was very laggy and only a few pics were recovered (PC me if you have anymore)

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AUSIA Invasion of Walrus and Cozy/Defense of White House 14/04/15

Hey ACP!

For the first official event after our AUSIA leader’s retirement (rip star </3) we did quite decent. We logged on the servers Walrus and Cozy to invade the Nachos. We also had to log on White House as they actually scheduled an AUSIA invasion, but they didn’t show up and their AUSIA leader Zekrom surrendered. We maxed 12 and averaged 8-11, and for the beginning I had to lead alone. At the end we decided to pay a visit to Buggins’ igloo and we had a great time there. I’d like to thank those who logged on greatly, even though there was no Nacho resistance. Let’s get even better from this point on, okay? 😉

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