Club Penguin Cheat: Cave Maze 2015

Greetings ACP,

Breeze, ACP Cheats HQ- Today I will show you a great cheat to get pass though it, The maze as all of you remember, it is like based on PSA Mission #6: Mysterious Tremors. I’m sure you noticed the driller from the past which cause earthquakes around Club Penguin used by Herbert to dig underground. Actually, if you’re in mind of using the way easier this is the shortcut.

Note: The lines are the way to the treasure, the red arrow is the start. Star is the end of the maze which is the “X” I marked


When the rooms combined all together for this to be easier. Note: The arrows are the way to the prize


The Coffee Stand was the evil device used by Herbert to destroy Club Penguin at the first place. Bringing tremors into the island causing the islands to have cracks in 2008.

Once completed the quest, you will have the Pick-Axe as a prize. I believe you should be online now and try this awesome new quest! The quest starts at April 15, ending at 22. Better get you’re hard hats ready cause it will 4×4 adventure. The Pick- Axe will be the tool to crack the secret tunnel. Be sure to hold it to use it!

This is it folks the way to the maze and cheat.

~Rockstar ❤ Sallie, ACP 3ic


Then… Now… Forever… ACP

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  1. Rockstar had to follow me, so he can win. *wary*

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