Quick Recruiting [US]

Hello all ACP troops! Today we logged into White Out for a quick recruiting session, We averaged around 13 and got a max of around 15, I was only able to get a few pictures (as i got banned :() 


Anyways comment if you made it! 


UK Battle of Snow Fort

Hey ACP, today we marched onto Snow Fort to battle for the server Snow Fort. We didn’t do great, we maxed around 9. I know we can do much better, UK force

Cleansing of Breeze

Hey ACP,

We held an cleansing around 5:30 IST today. Many of our troops had difficulty in tactics bacause of side convos and some we’re AFK. But we did well after all! I’m very proud of the troops who came. This was very decent though in terms of sizes. Overall, it was all good since the Nachos didn’t show up and not having a sign of having it either. Remember that we are still rebuilding again no matter what happens Ausia will always rise!



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Important Old School Event: Fjord Frenzy 2015

Hiya ACP!

I’m letting you know this event is generally for fun. All ACP troops must attend on this one we are looking forward for some awesome throwback. Snowball fights, slashing, stabbing saying thingy. If you want some old wars and not tactics, well you come to the right place this event is once in a lifetime event. Sponsored by CPAC, we will have 1 hr of war and some chaos like the old times. Nachos had this idea, you’re awesome guys!

Server: Fjord, Snow Forts

Comment if you can come!

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