Recruiting @ Snow Angel

Good day soldiers! today we quickly recruited at snow angel town, We gathered a good amount of troop and really put in some work [Sadly my computer went out near the end of the event and most of my pictures were lost] But never the less we managed to scrape up a few last minutes pictures and 1 from a troop so good job! 

[This was one of the few pics a troop happened to get after my pc shut off]

Our average was around 15 and our max was near 20! [See 3rd Pic]

– Bam

Question of the Day 2.

Greetings, ACP!

Hey guys, It’s Djkb1 and I’m here with another Question of the day. Thank you all for commenting on my last question which was “What is your biggest fear?”. Here are my favorites:




The next question of the day is:

“Who do you think should replace Zayn in one direction?”

My favorites will be featured in my next “Question of the Day”. Thanks for reading and remember, subs not dubs.