Retirement Of Abhi20

Why am I retiring?

Hi guys, as most of you know, I’m busy with my studies these days and I’m unable to attend events. I’ve been skipping so much of my school work and loads of incomplete work is piling on my head. Due to this, my parents have forced me to go to tuitions. And this is taking up most of my time and I’m now unable to attend events or recruit. Besides, this had to happen, my parents have been letting me on the computer like 5 hours on the weekdays and like almost 10 hours on weekends and they HAD to put an end to this. So I’ve decided to move on from Club Penguin Armies. I’ll be on the chat now and then just to chat and check on ACP c:

My History

I joined Club Penguin Armies roughly a year or just less than a year ago. I’m not really sure. My first army was RPF. I stayed in RPF for a week or maximum two weeks and I left Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin for some time. I joined back RPF in early November 2014 because it is the only army I actually knew. I stayed there in RPF for 1 day and I left RPF for ACP since RPF was small and they didn’t care about me. I started off in the rank ‘Sergeant’ which was the 3rd lowest rank in early November 2014. I got the honour being the Soldier Of The Month of November 2013. The 1st leader I served under were Mrtchy, Purpleslime4 and Mikester. I moved up ranks quite fast and I reached the rank of fourth in command. And I never thought I would have to leave ACP for at least a year, but unfortunately I have to leave CPA after being around for 5 months or just over it.

Thank You’s

Mrtchy: Ayy Tchy. You were the 1st one in ACP AUSIA that I got to know. I remember bugging you for every small thing and I also remember asking you a thousand questions and you put up with it. Thanks a lot, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you! I’ll miss you Tchy!

Star: You were like a guide to me, Star. You told me right from wrong and you were the best guide to me ever. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have achieved the rank of Fourth In Command. A ‘Thank You’ wouldn’t be enough for what you have done for me, but thanks a ton! I’ll miss you!

Boomer: You’re the best retiree I’ve ever known. I remember how you used to thank me for all I’ve done multiple number of times back when I was a member. Thanks for all those things you’ve done for me!

McHappy: Hi Mchappy! You’re the only person I know in ACP who keeps cool and speaks a million words in just a sentence. I’ve thought of joining Runescape after you introduced me to it, but sadly it eats my bandwidth and takes ages to load. Thank you for what you have done for me c:

Purpleslime: Slimeee! You are the best person who posts on the ACP site. Your posts are so colourful and the content in your recap posts always makes me laugh even when I was sad. Thank you for that 🙂

Ahmed: You’re an awesome leader! Keep up the good work! Thanks a lot for all you have done for me! Good luck in life! I’m gonna miss you!

Bam: It’s great to have an awesome recruiter like you in ACP! Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll lead ACP to huge sizes!

Snaketeja: Snakeeyyy! You are the most funniest person I’ve seen in CP armies. You talk less, but when you talk, it makes me laugh a lot. Thanks a lot and no smoking weed please.

Rockstar: Ayy Rock! Good luck on your mission to make AUSIA rise like never before and I’m quite sure you will!

Super Edwin: You’re literally the UK copy of me, haha, you said so yourself. You were the best ACPTR leader I ever knew and congrats on your 3ic! You deserved it, big time!

Mondo: You’re the most active owner I know. You’re even online on AUSIA times despite being a US owner. I love the chat background of your own chat 😛

Skull: Hi Skull! Thanks for giving me those funny profile pictures. I almost fell off the chair laughing at the profile pic of a dude holding a gun, haha. I hope you bring smiles on everyone else’s faces as well.

Maxy: You’re a great UK 2ic. I hope you bring the UK division to great sizes. And thanks for all of the the things you’ve done for me 😉

Chat Inspector: Thanks for enforcing rules when mods and owners were not there. Try not to over-enforce rules though.

Agent Ryan: You’re a good troop! Although everyone were unhappy when you left ACP twice. Try not to leave ACP and I’m sure you’ll achieve a lot!

Abhinav: You’re the one who recruited me into Club Penguin Armies. Thanks a lot for that! You did a great job when you were AUSIA leader back then!

Daisy: Awesome troop! We were all very sad when you retired from ACP 😦 But now you’re back into ACP! Welcome back to ACP! I’m sure you will work hard and achieve great ranks in ACP!

Jaisick: You were a good troop who recruited! You shouldn’t have left ACP though. Many of us were disappointed.

Carson: You were a very active UK owner who sometimes attended AUSIA events and led it too. Good luck in life m9!

Amax: I’ve never really met you, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about you! Good luck in life!

Fluffy Sheep: BAAAAAAAA! You were a great guy! You lead AUSIA quite well when you were temp owner! Good luck in life and BAAAAAA!

Jessica: Thanks a lot for what you have done for all of us! Live long and prosper!

Archie: Why did you make me retire as the ruler of peasants? :@ You were a great writer and I loved your story you’ve written on wattpad. Waddle On!

Waddler Pro: I’m glad Mrtchy kidnapped you into ACP! You’re a great troop, although it’ll be awesome if you stopped talking about pee *wary*

Athul: Good friend! Where did you go? 😮 I’ve not seen you since ages 😦

Sallie: You were a great friend to me! If you remain active and recruit, I’m sure you’ll do great in ACP!

Jacknat: Thanks for those clases on bombs, waterfalls and types of bombs and stuff! You were a great friend to me! You can stop slaughtering sheep though! I’ll miss you!

Froogz: Well deserved Soldier Of The Month! Good luck in ACP and stay cool! I’m sure you’ll do well 🙂

Haroon: You were a great DW AUSIA 2ic! Thanks for the tips on autotyping that you gave me! Good luck in life!

Roboo: You are a great friend to me! I’m sorry I dressed you up as an animal and slaughtered you LOL

Haider: I remember you in RPF. You were so loyal! With your loyalty and activity, you can achieve a lot in ACP! I wish you luck!

Pippo: You’re a great friend! You’ll do well in any army! Good luck!

WhatsUp11: You’re a great dude to hang out with! I’m gonna miss you!

Ghost: Ayy Ghost! Thanks for helping me get unbanned when I was banned on puffin! Good luck in CPA and irl.

Dann: DANN M9! HE WAS GONNA… haha You’ve been an awesome friend! Never forget the fun we have had! Good luck with your YT channel, CPA and your life!

Bullet: We’ve talked a lot when you were in ACP chat! You’ve been so nice to me! Thanks a lot! May the force be with you!

Diezl: An awesome troop! Congrats on graduating from ACPTR one time! I hope you shall remain loyal to ACP as always.

Rockman: You’re an awesome AUSIA troop! Congratulations on being one A+ graduate from ACPTR! Sometimes I think why I didn’t be a cadet in ACPTR.

Freedude: Freedude! You’ve always made me laugh a lot when you were online in the AUSIA times. You need to stop using the flip emote though, haha. You’ve been a loyal troop!

CSY: Ayy CSY! Congrats on winning 3k xats or something! You’ve been a great friend to me and you’re an awesome gfx designer! Good luck in life!

Gokul: You were a great troop! Where did you go? 😮 The ACP AUSIA division will always miss you!

Djkb: Awesome owner! You have a bright future in ACP! Keep up the good work!

Gian: You’ve been an awesome friend to me! You’ve given me so much! May the force, be with you!

Firedingo: You deserved Soldier Of The Month and you got it! Congrats! You can even be an owner with your dedication towards ACP! Live long, and prosper!

Elsa: You’re an awesome troop and a great friend! If you stay in ACP, I’m sure you can achieve things that no one can!

Skipper: You’re an awesome mod! Keep up the good work!

Noka: Good luck in life! And I’ve never really seen you say anything on chat other than ‘k’ 😛

Rishron: I haven’t talked to you a lot, but you seem like an awesome person! Stay fab!

Ash and Spinister: Awesome brothers! Congrats on graduating from ACPTR! Good luck in ACP and stay cool 😉

Harry: Harry! ACP can never forget you! You are the best chat recruiter I’ve ever known! You made UK rise to huge sizes! Good luck in life m8!

Flor: Ayy Flor! You’ve been an awesome friend to me! Sorry I couldn’t do your gfx ;( Good luck in CPA!

Sonic: Awesome guy to hang out with! Stay cool and waddler on 😀

Mohmd: I remember you as a member, in fact we were members together, if I’m not wrong. You were an awesome person! Good luck in life!

Peach: Peach m9! Never forget those times when we ruled over peasants! Good luck in whatever you do! Thanks for being such an awesome friend! Live long and prosper!

Quag: Thanks a lot for teaching me on how to not get DDoS’ed! Waddle On!

Pham: Awesome mod! You were no less than a friend to me! May the force be with you!

Buggins: You are a great troop! You’ve always made me laugh with your jokes and your stories of troll. Thanks a lot! Good luck!

Jazzer: Thanks for being a gfx designer for my site for like a week lol Sorry I had to remove you, I wanted to go solo 😛

Will: Ayy Will! My BFF! Where did you disappear ;( We’ve been waiting for you to return since ages! Good luck in life! You were an awesome friend!

Rix: We didn’t talk a lot, but we did talk sometimes. Thanks for telling me your opinion on anime and stuff. It helped me decide which anime to watch or continue to watch.

Arine: Stay loyal to one army and you’ll do awesome!

Peacho: You’re an awesome dude! It’s great to hear that you stopped hopping between armies! Good luck in CPA!

Soxsfan: I remember you when you were an owner in RPF. You were a great friend to me! Keep up the good work!

Flipmoo: You’ve been an awesome guide type person to ACP! Thanks for helping ACP when we needed you the most! Good luck in life, Flip! I’ll miss you!

Jedi: Awesome dude to hang out with! Stay loyal to ACP! Waddle on!

Ninjaarmy: Great friend when I was a member in ACP! Stay active and loyal to ACP and I’m sure you can achieve a lot! I’m gonna miss you! Waddle on!

Posts that mean a lot to me

My 1st promotion post:

I become the Soldier Of The Month!

Promo post in which I become a mod:

My 2nd promotion post:

Yay I’m the top mod 😀

ACP award results:

My 3rd promotion post:

I win a prize 😀

The posts which I posted on ACP site!















So, my friends, this concludes the end of my retirement post! If you have not been mentioned in my retirement post, you still mean a lot to me! I would like to thank everybody for what they have done! If it wasn’t for all of you, I wouldn’t have achieved all of this. Remember to stay active, recruit and of course, have fun in ACP! Good luck everyone, stay fab and goodnight!


29 Responses

  1. you skdfjakfhkejh -.- I do understand why you’re retiring Abhi but Acp will miss you loads and I’m pretty sure you will too! When you were a soldier, I remember how I’d always be so startled because you seemed grasp everything so quickly. In fact, I remember once, I cancelled an event and this is what you said: “NOOO I LOVE EVENTS PLS NO” (When you were new). You performed every task will loads of enthusiasm, and you enjoyed yourself too! Abhi, you’ve helped me loads, haha! You put up with me ordering you around. I’ve loved how you always wanted to know more about Acp.

    As a friend, we’ve had loads of fun too! We kept talking and um lets say we had fun on various other chats too! Haha, I’ll remember those days. Truly, fun.

    Abhi, my classes were just theoretical, it purely depends on what you do, and you performed extremely well. It’s sad that you have been treated unfairly, but I need to say, you were one amazing soldier! It’s sad that one of my best friends in the whole cpa community is leaving. Also, Abhi, I’ve always wanted to be a guide to someone, and for you to think of me like a guide, I’m so happy. I can’t even.. thanks a lot Abhi, miss you loads! You better keep in touch!!!

    – Star

  2. Abhi ❤

    I'm glad you joined ACP all those months ago! I've gotten to know you over these last months and ausia and ACP has greatly benefited from you. It's a shame you had to retire, you were gonna do great things!

    You will always have a place here at ACP. All the best with whatever you strive to do 🙂

  3. Boom bang! Hope you do well in the future bruh ;3

  4. Goodbye Abhi. Honestly, one of the best AUSIA troops ever. I hope you may return one day because you were really nice. C:

  5. aw nuts abhi. it’s been great seeing you grow, and sad to see you go! D: I’ve been there ever since you’ve joined as a leader. Not in the same force, but yea. You’ve been an amazing troop, going through hard times and great times, and you’ve never given up! You have been a 4ic for a while and that might be unfortunate, but you’re fantastic and patient which I like. You might have not got 3ic, but you were a friggin awesome mod and everyone will remember you as the friggin awesome ausia mod. bye! 😦


  7. From the first time I saw you as a member you we’re actually incredible. You handled ACPTR greatly, you worked up into ranks until you get 4ic. I’m so proud to have a troop like you mate. AUSIA would have never grown without you, outstanding loyalty under Mrtchy and Star’s leadership brought you into a new level. It’s so sad to see you to go but I realize you are a perfect moderator we had, “peasants” XD but always remember. We are all a family forever! Don’t forget the Ausia Family… I’m sure you will get the legend as for the best as exchanged for you’re undying loyatly and remembered as one of the best mod we had. Goodbye and best you luck to life, Abhi. 😦
    ~best wishes, Rockstar1819

  8. why wasnt i mentioned cring!!! xdd

    Jokes aside, good luck in life. You’re a great guy and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  9. Man man man where do I start?
    Before I joined CP armies, I used to go on ACP chat to hang out. You’re probably one of the first CP people I befriended on xat – and a person who has constantly supported me in my endeavors when I DID decide to give armies a try.

    You’re like one of the most loyal people I know. I remember talking to you, about how it took you half a year to rank up to where you are now. I know you were expecting a promotion soon – and I really believe you deserve it.

    Sucks to see you leave. What you’ve taught me is that sometimes, hard work and effort renders a greater sense of success than power. Staying loyal is much more important – because your hard work DOES pay off.

    I don’t know what the future holds for you, or me. Good luck with your own graphics and thank you for your appreciation 🙂
    ❤ CSY

  10. Bye Abhi, you were a such a great and loyal troop and of course a wonderful friend. Fun times joking around. Good luck irl. Sad to see you leave,will miss you :c

  11. I remember you as a member you have been dashing ever since and a good friend too you encouraged me alot its sad to see you go goodbye abhi good luck in the future i hope you achieve good

  12. I remember when i was started here on ACP! you are my only guide, You just Guide Me to get The SergeanFirstClass and I remember when you teach me to be a recruiter But i failed i Will gonna miss you my Sensei! 😥
    I do my best! to stay active ❤ Sensei!

  13. I remember when i was started here on ACP! you are my only guide, You just Guide Me to get The SergeanFirstClass and I remember when you teach me to be a recruiter But i failed i Will gonna miss you my Sensei! 😥 😥 😥
    I do my best! to stay active ❤ Sensei! / credentials can be used.

    • haha, it’s nice that you think of me as a guide. Good luck in ACP, you have a bright future! And be patient, grasshopper *straw*

  14. ABHOOOOO, I’ll miss ya bud, HE WAS GONNA (sorry Ryan + Rockstar) You’re an amazing guy who had (still has) a lot of potential! You’d have made a great AUSIA leader! I’m glad too have met you, You’re one of the amazing friends I have made in my return to CP Armies! Catch ya’ round

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