AUSIA U-lead on Breeze 4/30/15

Hey ACP!

Another successful event for AUSIA. After being inactive for atleast 1 day, I feel happy this time of great event like this one, welcome back Jaisick and Haider. With the size of 11 averaging 10, seems it is very decent but it is a pretty terrible start. Honestly, none of my fellow owners barely came on but for instead I continue them. Eh since of all I feel sorry about the earthquake in Nepal please support out and help, pray for them. By the way, the event was great and keep up the good work!

Here are the results:

Screenshot_234 Screenshot_236Screenshot_237



Screenshot_234 16AHMsu xptf4Ne AcnIyPj

Comment if you came!

~Rockstar, ACP 3ic


4 Responses

  1. came

  2. Indeed Bruh!

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