Soldier of the Month April 2015!

Hey ACP! This month, some troops really stood out to us owners. Other troops didn’t. Unfortunately, very few troops managed to shine, so this month, our Soldier of the Month is…

But first, a drumroll please.

drum roll animated photo: Drum roll moving drumroll.gif

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ACP Promotions April 2015

Made by Slime

Hey ACP, this month sees quite a lack of promotions, same with demotions, so looking at these promotions, it shows us that this month has been a relatively mixed month. ACP, we must try our best to ensure that this army is strong with our three divisions, so recruit and hype! Read on to see if you are one of the few people that got promotions or not. I expect an improvement this month, but exams are coming up soon, so good luck to those with exams.

Note from Puff: Make sure you keep on recruiting, attending events, getting on chat, and working hard! A few troops this month got more than just a 1-rank promo for their amazing work (but as Ahmed said, there’s still not many) and we’d love to have more of you on board as a moderator. Have fun!

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Hey guys, Purp here! Today the pure ACP AUSIA force (hey I know I’m UK, but I kept having connection probs..) battled against the Doritos. No owner came to the event due to important stuff, so I came around 15 minutes before the event ended for this battle. Kudos to Agent Ryan, Mortico Kale, Blases and Abhi wholed the event brilliantly, Star helped too, and we won the battle due to DCP logging off early because apparently most of their troops had to go to school (battle ended at 8am EST- ooo!).

We didn’t get amazing sizes, but with mods and members leading the event it turned out pretty good with great tacics. Thank you AUSIA force for coping with your busy owners, keep on movin’ up and forward!

Errrr, plus I mistakenly hyped the event wrong as I THOUGHT there was an AUSIA Ulead today instead. Boy, do I suck….well, lesson learnt. I better read the events post carefully, darnit.

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