Question of the Day 8.

Greetings, ACP!

Two days ago, I asked you “What movie describes your life” There were tons of comments. Here are my favorite ones:




Thanks for commenting. The next question is:

Describe Club Penguin in 6 words

Thank you for reading and make sure you give this audio book 5 stars.

20 Responses

  1. my face is literally on fire

  2. Club Penguin can’t be described m8.


  4. club penguin moderators suck whale privacy

  5. The world’s best place for pedos.

  6. Having distributed denial of service attacks.

  7. no I give audiobook 1/2630176 star , the lowest is usually 1 , but I made an exception 4 u <3333

  8. makes me want to eat it

  9. boring stupid flash pay2win Disney game

  10. it has ruined my social life

  11. Best online dating site for pedos

  12. CP ruined the CP warfare population, it was better before Disney took over, it might die soon with all these new changes, CP mods sucks, I HATE BAM

  13. My social life has now developed.

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