[US/UK] U-Lead Results

Afternoon ACP soldiers! Today we had a quick U-Lead with some decent sizes and some good tactics, We need to pick it up even more now- Summer is approaching its our time to shine! 

Lets pick up the sizes and keep working on it

Half of the battle footage:


The Weekly Quiz #2

Greetings, ACP! Welcome to the second post in the series ‘The Weekly Quiz’………

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AUSIA/UK Train-ish Session on Breeze

Hey ACP,

Today we had an trouble in CP lately, because someone named “WaterPedo” came into our event and raided it with bots. Apprently, we managed to max 10 and averaged 8 in the event. Before it the event started at Town which him appear. So to all armies out there, be careful of bots and they might lag you’re Club Penguin, botting is a crime to armies not some games. Since the community is filled with hackers, haxxors, defacement etc. It gets worse and worse anytime so be careful in handling armies and good luck!

Here are the results:


Here is Waterkid over there, possible watching the bots on how it goes.

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