U-Lead on Breeze [US]

Hello we had a fun U-Lead with all the troops and mods today! A few temp mods and temp owner(s) was handed out today, Nice job guys we had some pretty incredible formations and we handled it very nicely – We need to keep this up



UK/US Tactic Session 29/5/15

Hello ACP, today at 9pm UK we had a wondrous tactic session. We maxed an amazing 51! Nah I’m messing, we maxed 20-21 and averaged nineteen or so. Make sure to attend the big battle on Mammoth this weekend guys! Without further ado here are the pics:

A pic of 18-20

March on ~ Ahmed 7569

Question of the Day 18.

Greetings, ACP!

Yesterday, I asked you “Describe white people in 8 words or less” Here are my favorites:



The current question shall be:

If you were God, what mistakes would you fix?

Thanks for reading and make sure to comment or I won’t get fed today.

AUSIA Training Session 29/05/15

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Greetings ACP.

Today was an excellent day of progress for the ACP AUSIA Division. We logged onto Breeze and had a size of 14-15+ constantly. Seeing as we reached our goal for the day, we rewarded some of the troops who attended by making them a temp-moderator. We’re only going to rise from here on.

acpevent25 icecreams

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