UK Power displayed in this training session!

Hey ACPtoday the UK force continued with the ‘rise’ that DJ and Maxy worked ‘hard’ on to get us. Shame they left it. We got around thirty on which is the biggest UK has got on for a while. Continue reading for some pictures.

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Events of the Week June 29th — July 5th

Hello ACP Troops!


It is time for the best time of the week — events! This week ACP must continue to stay on top with our events. I expect a good performance from all of our divisions! If another division is doing better than yours, you must rise your division to match that standard! All troops — owners, moderators, and members must work to rise ACP to the top! Once we are at the top, there will be no stopping us. Here we come!


❗ Sunday, July 5th ❗

[AUSIA] – Tactics Session

Sever: Outback

Times: 12:30 PM UK,  5 PM IST,  8:30 PM JST,  7:30 AM EST,  6:30 AM CST,  5:30 AM MST,  4:30 AM PST


Server: Mammoth

Times: 9 PM GMT,  4 PM EST,  3 PM CST,  2 PM MST,  1 PM PST


Server: Breeze

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

Quick Tactical Session


Internet cut out – comment if you made it


Hello our extremely small friends decided once again to raid us! Cheers to them – ACP gets to have a full battle, get event quality while at the same time completely destroying them! Keep it up guys. 🙂


Retirement of Ahmed 7569

It’s time for my retirement unfortunately. To be honest ACP, at the beginning I wasn’t looking forward. Then I realised as a retiree, I can still help ACP out, doesn’t mean I’m completely gone! I wouldn’t be constantly under pressure with issues. It’s been such a wonderful ride ACP. I’ve spent a quarter of my life with this community. As a new recruit, it was very fun, but now it’s actually getting a bit boring. The main reason I am retiring is because of a long holiday. I also would like to concentrate on school more.

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AUSIA Battle Against SHIELD [VICTORY] 28/06/15

Greetings ACP!

We logged onto Outback for our training session and were abruptly raided by the SHIELD “army.” We maxed 14-15 and averaged 11-12. We completely defeated them, even though over half of their chat was filled with UK./US owners. We’ll do even better next event, guys.

acpevent35 SMALL

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Hello, ACP troops!

Are you new to ACP and do you have no idea what to do?

Do you wanna be the best soldier you can be?

Do you want to achieve promotion?

Then apply for ACPTR!



The ACPTR (Army of Club penguin Training Regiment) is a regiment in ACP dedicated to training future leaders, owners and mods of the army when they join ACP as a recruit.  It’s there to teach you how to be a true ACP troop. All you need to do is turn up to classes each day and earn your credits which will go towards a final grade and promotion. 

If you are between the ranks of Private to Staff Sergeant then

Apply now!

To apply fill out these form:





Rank in ACP:

Why do you want to join ACPTR? :

ACPTR Staff~


ACP Recap #70! 21st-27th June

Click HERE for the ACP Recap posted two years ago and Click HERE last year’s ACP Recap!

Hey hey, it’s Purp here! I humbly welcome you to my ACP Recap. Just kidding. I CRAZILY WELCOME YOU TO MY ACP RECAP, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHA! LET’S GET TO IT, FOLKS!


Here’s the results of last week’s poll- WHAT’S BETTER, BURGERS OR HOT DOGS?

Hot dogs: 20 people

Burgers: 30 people

congrats burgers!

That’s the poll stuff over with, now read more for my recap and the contest results (which will be at the bottom of the post)!

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Howdy all ACP we had another US training session where we averaged around 27 and maxed around 30.

Our internet was chopping so we could only get a few pics!

UK/USA My Retirement Event [Battle vs. Shields and Nachos][EXCELLENT RESULTS]

Thank you Skipper for the battle video!

Greetings ACP,

At 4pm EST, we logged onto Yukon, my birth server. The Nachos decided to be rude and raided us, and the irrelevant SHIELD raided us too. Some small fry army that had around 3 also decided to join the party. ACP, I am very proud of you, I can’t be happier. We had so much on chat that we had another pool!

We maxed 41 and averaged 36+!

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