Retirement of Rockstar1819/Rockerflip

Hello ACP,

Been such a long ride has taken me to this community and flourish me with about the knowledge of the CPA Community and the everything. So many discoveries upon my time, starting out with the famous people and the simple ones too. I, Myself, has seen many changes in the community which from my favorite this year so far I been in so many battles which I had fun with you comrades, friends, the people. Such an honor serving in ACP’s side after my two years since I started as Private in 2013, from one of my simple and noob-ish days. Too bad I didn’t save any pics but for all I remember it was simple and really kiddish lol. My story begins below.

My Story in 2013: The Beginning, my start:

This all started after I got home from school in somewhere in December 2013 when I was still 12. It was 5pm, started to turn on my laptop and log on into my old account Rockstar1819, since I used it all the time to play CP and hangout with my friends all day. From there, I got myself into server Tuxedo, capital of RPF itself. Just to see my buddy Chito 747, his at the Stadium after I went there I saw black penguins dancing and during an X-Formation. Those penguins chanting about RPF and wearing black, Chito wasn’t speaking and I wondered why. There after the event I searched for Chito and came upon seeing the RPF site and clicked the ranks from there I knew CP armies exist but players with the military ranks. I tried to join RPF and see Chito 747, I don’t know the rest XD. The other day I found ACP, it was green and since it is one of my favorite color I signed up for and started out as Private in 2013.  Instead of RPF which made me like what is like in ACP? But after that I checked the ACP Chat with so many users and got curious I wasn’t signed up and total noobish so yeah. ACP site filled with wonder and events, it went war with LT when I joined, which is uncommon for me and my experienced in the community for the first time, no kidding I saw yellow penguins battling us in posts made by the leaders. ACP’s sizes were amazing on that time they gain the size of 20-30+ which was pretty more exciting. This is my story, the story of what people feel when we are new to things such as me to the entire warfare itself.

A new fresh start, in July 2014 onwards:

After being inactive for more than 6 months or so, I started to attend the events. When I heard the news about Flipmoo retiring soon, I was worrying since about ACP and its own good. My first event I ever went was a UK/AUSIA Event which was pretty fab.

The link of my first offcial event while Private:


Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 10.10.36 PM

My lil ol’ days as Private xd. Btw Rockstar1819 was my old account

As the days went by, i’m getting myself into events so I can get promoted upon the course of time. Since I was new on that time, I rely on myself since I doubt many people I didn’t even know Flipmoo or Mrtchy on that time since I was mindless about it xd. I met awesome people when I was Private like Katerina, which I had a crush on her once hehe but not anymore since we are friends I consider that :P, Mrtchy and many more people. That hangout with them guys was cool but I was a bit shy but so yeah I refused to get shy, Mrtchy dressed as Katerina was great and starting insulting the little Rockstar1819 *wary*. But since so far my assignment of becoming an higher official still dreaming of it. I was sad when Flipmoo retired as leader I didn’t came 😥 which made me dissapointed myself. July 2014, the last day of the month, I got promoted so much I feel so good and honoured :D.

My first ever-ish promo:

 August 2014, my time in Teutons ^_^:

After several promotions in ACP, there almost to my birthday soon which is August 29. Sometime I asked Earthing via pc if I could join Teutons and offered me 6ic made I was fine with it. Mrtchy, he was leader on that time. One of my happiest days, ahem my loyalty in Teutons which I also considered to be my family and the best army and my home ACP. Roccobo, Ryu, Ryanboy etc. Remember the ‘RRR’ gang I made up? XD. Haha such good old days, duncing everyone everyday at the chat. When the time came when I got owner on Teutons it was 3ic, my serving towards the army brought me to a new level and ever got me 2ic, unfortunately I got demoted for saying a lie about Brigade chat recruiting when Mrtchy and I talked about it on SP Chat which made him mad about when Nish told it too Brigade I got demoted from 2ic to Major like wow, which made me upset about and breaking my dignity, loyalty to my comrade. I got 3ic back when Earthing hired me back into Teutons and making up for what I have smiled for. For anyone who is curious what Teuton was. Teutons was an army created by Earthing and Brigade. The best duo leadership ever.  Also at ACP, they were finding US/AUSIA mods, I decided to apply for one and  there weeks later I got moderator along with Daisy and some other new friends. Also I met alot of friends on August. My brithday, none of my friend didn’t remember so I didn’t care about atleast if anyone does. November 8th, after Teutons died, the chat was compromised by Waterkid despite Teutons had tensions with Light Troops which was cray cray. Justinfortsa gave out the pass to Waterkid and hacked the chat entirely. it merged with RPF, later on I join to the rebellion and fight the good fight. The story onwards

Memories about Teutons:


Very first event I ever had in Teutons.


Fight for Glory! ~Teutons

My time in the RPF:

When I heard the news of Teutons died in 11/8/14. It gave me a shocker about it, I almost cried bacause those was the memories in Teutons was precious and glorious. At first, it was so complicated o guested the RPF Members and I don’t know what to say about that time. Days later, Brigade was coup into the RPF leadership for the incident and what happened. I remember when Waffles retired and RPF was going alot in pressure. Man my first event I almost in 3am in the morning and I was tired. Guys, I will never forgive you guys for that and staying up late just for the event and the RPF event was cancelled :|. Anyways, thank you RPF for this moments when I was in the Feredation and anytime of need I help anytime as return of my gradtitude and my friends in the army trying everything to get RPF up into the game. As former RPF troop, I give all my respect towards the awesome army like RPF always… FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!


Me as RPF Mod.

download (45)

Always, Fight the good fight!

My time as ACP Third in Command, 12/7/14 to 6/7/15:

The Inaguration of me as 3ic. <<<

Click >HERE< for my first post, my intro!!!!

On 12/7/14, my time has come. Officially, my long life adventure since I was a private has came true after wishing :). Ah yes, the last part of my adventure prephaps my long time dream as higher member in ACP, my home army after 2 years of extreme searching. Meeting alot of friends and discovering every facts in the way. All from the people I ever met, as inspiration I will never forget all of you guys. Sidie and Puff, take care the rest of leading the division I am going to rest now and move on. This golden moment is all I share, for all my friends I will see you anytime soon and meet you anytime soon. As I write my goodbye to all people below, scroll down. Dec 20, when the day Mrtchy retired I was crying totally with him gone down to the leadership, he was one of the last best AUSIA Leaders can ever leader lead. From the start of my adventure as Private, to getting moderator to owner is also no fame but an honour serving to ACP. In the future, maybe this army may continue to flourish history everyday. Everyday the CPA is changing, don’t forget adapt to the change. Remeber always to…

Preserve Justice, Defend Freedom!

My Experience:

ACP 3ic

ACP Legend- I guess, just I thought myself!

Teutons 2ic/3ic

Teutons Legend

RPF Moderator

My goodbyes to all my friends, this is not totally not forever goodbye but I am always here to help out in need for ACP and my friends in the time of need!

Flipmoo: You were a great leader in terms of leading ACP into great heights. IMAF will always come into as memory I hope it doesn’t still haunt you. You are the figure of prestige ACP AUSIA forever. Since I joined, you are the awesome friend I encountered in ACP. The first ever Godfather of the Ausia Division, now and forever~! ❤


Mrtchy: ANIME! Jk xd. You’re leading skills brought the AUSIA Division into a whole new level. Remember that time when you dressed as Katerina and started insulting Katerina, boy that was not cool. But anyways, I respected the swag you view towards us and the troops. You’ll be great my friend! I am retiring now so see you again, good luck in life! 🙂

asi strong

Star: I’ll bet you love SAO! Oh man, I know you hate Golden Time but ok XD. Dango! Well ok??! I saw when you were an AUSIA Leader/2ic, it was an honor serving by that time and the CPPS hangout XD and I felt sorry for your retirement though :(. Since I am resting now, BUH BYE M8!


Ivan: Soz Ivan, been forever. I doubt you still ship me with Katerina *wary*. I will miss you m8. If you are reading this. I wanted you say to you hi again and I was 3ic, barely to see you on, I hope to see you again. But even though you can’t see this, I hope you don’t forget me.

Chester/Chito 747: I never knew you that you are also ACP before. But you are RPF so stay in the Feredation buddy. Thanks for everything though. You brought into the armies since that event I saw in RPF lured into this :o. But I had alot of fun here. Stay strong buddy, my one only of Club Penguin army friend, see you again sometime.

Gian Lucak: BFF! Sorry if I divorced you :(. Just wanted to marry Sallie, thanks for being a companion and besties forever. Those precious moments with you will be always be amazing and I will never forget it… I’m sorry for this bad choice, but don’t doubt our friendship but we are still BFF don’t forget that!!!! ❤

Sallie: My girl, even I retired stay strong as always though the pains and suffering you can survive it. Thanks for the memories I hope we can see each other again! ❤

Snaketeja: Hi Snake, wassup xd. You are so hilarious buddy! Anytime you speak XD. But I never knew you as ACP Troop before. But on chat you are cheering people up. Even me, Hahaha! But anyways, goodbye Snake!

Sidie: Experienced, you are one awesome leader! Don’t regret anything bad and continue to spread the awesomeness for the Division. Good luck leading AUSIA, I wish you the best!

Boomer: Awesome advisor of ACP. Never in history would never forget your name intp the community and lead it into golden age. Hope someday when I seek a new adventure, and maybe meet again?

Puff001: Mature, calm and smart. That is one thing I liked about you. So yeah which making the chat safe and cool with your personality. Good luck as 3ic and goodbye!

Noka: ‘k’. Lol, nice seeing you as awesome. The longest serving ACP Troop and a veteran 8 years wow. I’m just jealous of you because you are one awesome veteran which no troops in ACP can hold for years to come. But I liked about your banning reason, that Miranda warning xd. Good luck in being one awesome lawyer one day. Can I take a autograph when you get famous? :D.

Skipper: Congrats on marrying Jade Ice, I wish you both the best. Maybe one day we can meet in CP again when I can… Maybe? By the way, thanks for everything and good luck to ACP.

Jade Ice: Hi Jade, congrats on marrying Skipper though. Since you join ACP I saw you as an awesome troop and friend, Goodbye!

Mchappy: Mickhippers! The Mchappy of ACP, I feel shy towards you at first. Because you are one heck of an inspiring Guardian of the Army. Never experienced the outside but you guided me into the difficult times and I learn so much from you. Thanks for everything!

Daisy65740: Hi Daisy! From the last time I saw you as a mod which was the best times for you in ACP. Hoping to see you in ACP being mod again :P. Cya again!

Intense: Close friend, I am always here to support by your side anything and be buddies forever and will be always be!

Roccobo: Dude, where are you now? it is been ages since we last met I hope I can still see you again and maybe lead an army together if you want, cya if I can meet you anytime.

Ryu: I don’t remember exactly on who are you but I seen you as a friend. Bye buddy!

Purplesmile: Awesome gal and was a great leader. The recaps are pretty colorful and I loved them. Keep ACP Fab when you can and yah good luck! 😛

Phineas: Remember when was met at the Nachos Chat and argue vs Waterkid along with Buggins. One of the most awesome things I ever fighted with him but anyways ps I will see you again sibling. So yeah, goodbye!

Vivinne: You can worship me XD. But by the way, I remember you seeing when I was mod you used to come to chat and make the chat go crazy but one thing, and stay cool m8!

Kane: Hey Kane, wassup I hope you feel happy. Don’t forget about me! 🙂

Brigade: Awesome friend, I wish you the best in the CPA community and I see you brought Teutons from the dead. I’m always gonna guide it with you m8. Don’t forget that you are awesome!

Earthing: Great Leader, I advice lets meet anytime if you want. Maybe revive Teutons? But my time here is out but it was nice being in Teutons once as a family! Fight for Glory always my friend, Bye!

Daisy: Rest in Peace, we will be supporting for you and best wishes. Goodbye!

Haider: Sup Buddy! Always be loyal to your home army RPF. Definetely, you will become RPF leader one day. I’ll bet you will be in the future, so thanks m8 and bye!

Bullet: Hi Bullet! Buddy always burn the light and fight within with the darkness. You earn the best and rest. I respect every aspect! Buh bye friend!

Archie: Dude I hope I can see you again. Let us talk on FB if you want! maybe sometime? XD… Sure buh bye!

Totopup: Happy Birthday friend! Sorry if I retire during your birthday, I wish you the best in IW!

Elsa: Best active troop I ever seen, continue the best work as ACP Troop! I will miss you buddy thought, good luck in ACP!

Jimmy: Buddy, enjoy the community and don’t forget the fun times we have!

Lauren: I like your MLP colorish personality. It feels like heaven with colorful smiles when I see you m8! Good luck in life, bye Lauren!

Mondo: Take care of USA, keep up the good work though and I wish you good luck!

Bam: BAM BAM ACP BAM LOL. XD But anyways you are amazing in leading, recruiting, hyping up events. You are awesome! Let the cowboys win and support whatever it is XP. Bye!!!!!!

Agent Ryan: I like trains! Kk, fair enough then but *nods*. Wish you to be AUSIA best mod maybe legend! Haha, yes. But honestly you are best of the best… Bye!

Peach: Awesome and pretty hilarious gal tee hee… XD

Edwin: Cool bruh and maybe handsome irl. See to you will be good as 3ic, congrats so yeah. Bye for now m8!

Ahmed: I remember you as 4ic! I was a total noob that time. I guess I so sudden you got main so fast and I was like wow, this ends my journey here. Help ACP as always!

Soni: I see you love bombing people. LOL! I see you as retired fellow. But as a friend you are so most inapp friend I seen XD. Since my time in armies is over maybe we could meet sometime. I’ll at kik if you wanted. Goodbye m8!

Jacknat: The Frog Lord, maybe keep the Sheeps and Frogs enemies as it is. Don’t try to be an idiot and keep USA good as if. Stay strong and good luck!

Maxy: I think you deserve leader on day. Since you have like a mind of a politician and combined with a bright mind, I wish I could one like you do. See you again and wish you the best!

Lionz: WEE WOO! I always think about that word when you come into chat. But good luck in life. Bye!

Penguin: Penguin, my fellow! Haven’t seen you in a while. If you are reading this. I’m retired now and come to chat sometime. Maybe ACP Chat, wish you in life though!

Arine: Finally, it is just 7.50 XD. Buddy visit to ACP sometime and stay loyal to DW as long as you are and don’t regret anything. Just have fun and be passionate about being fun!

Diezlbudoy: The awesome youngster in ACP and fellow AFP aka ACP of Philippines XD. I’ll be online in FB if you have problems and stuff about CP armies. I known you since that you were LT, when I saw you on CP and ACP had an event. Never knew that you are filipino since “Diezlbudoy” is Filipino XD. Anyways, I wish goodbye into armies and stay loyal as always.

Katie: Seen you as Major General before when I still got 3ic a few days back. Now that you are 3ic, I wish you in IW and the leadership the best and as a friend I am always here to help and anything else. I’ll be at FB active if you need anything I am always open. Goodbye anyways!

Jaisick/Zayn: Gets immature at times but you are loyal and underrate troop with an amazing power within and inspiring guy at times…. Looool!!

Dan: Stay at IW and don’t hop. Just don’t get desolated like Peacho I used to know which is the #1 hopper. I wish you luck! Byeee!

Skull: Ah right! The ignorant something. Jkjk, you are an awesome and sometimes funny. You make me laugh all I never get used to it. But seriously like I said before. I seeked you as a friend and part of the gang. Keep the business going and byeeee lol!

Toy: An awesome DW Leader. Great advisor and inspiring DW Legend, I wish you all my respect!

Chey Nay Nay: Hai friend! Don’t follow me on chats please like one time, I find it annoying though like one thing I liked about you and your lovely coolness and see ya sometime!

Coldy: Coldy!!!!!! My fellow filipino playmate on CPA. You should have led DW Ausia longer not using it. Remember m8 you are awesome and I think you should do great! Wish you luck, bai!

Jon: I haven’t seen you in ages m8. Where are you now? The last time you lead Takis when the last time we talked. I hope you I can see you again sometime m8!

June: Awesome Teutons Leader. Sad to see you left xat, I hope you read this friend. Don’t forget, good luck in life!

Karate Indi/Ash: Been forever though but I hope to see you on xat maybe… Buh bye!

Free Dude: FREE DUDE! You are an awesome ACP Troop! I miss you so much. Hope to see you again!

Innerbeauty: Haven’t seen you in months. I hope we can see each again and I wish you the best in WV! See ya m8!

Edd: Hehehehe! Great leader in Nachos, you put awesomeness into the army and its back again and the game! Good luck and have fun leading!

Legofan Cy: I remember the day when I first met you. I think that was war with ACP/Nachos War in December 2014. You are an inspiring friend I will never forget that and bye!

Zek: An awesome Nachos Ausia Leader and friend. You led an event to 15+ at an event once. I’m proud of your army and leading it :). Stay happy and goodbye for now!

Waddler Pro: Silly troop, but a cool one too. You make me laugh when you acted like super fishy towards others. Haha! Always don’t get into trouble and be mature a bit, k lol? Since im a amourshipper than ever ya and dominate others mwahahahah! Byeeee!!!!!

Fluffy Sheep: BAA! Long live the Sheep and always!

Gordon: I’ll never forget the days when you were still in ACP. Back in the days haha! Just someday make up with Buggins or everyone else against you. One friend like you is cool! Don’t you forget you are awesome!

Buggins: BRUH! I’m gonna miss you BFF. Someday I hope we could meet again and talk more stuff and like the old days. I had fun with you! See you again sometime!

Sonic: Awesome troop. Don’t get lost to your destiny m8! Cya!

Kenneth: Even I never see you lead, I seem to be proud when you are here! I will remember the fun times we had :P! Cya again!

GreenCube: I hope we could talk again anytime soon. I’m gonna miss you but I am at fb always free to talk with you.

Jodie: Beautiful and a sweet friend! Awesome leader! You are awesome ;D.

Destiny: Awesome friend in WV! Hope to talk to you soon~!

Luis: You are are gonna awesome, just ignore the people who hates you. They are not to be bothered by you. Focus on your way and the future will do good for you!

Chainpro: I remember you as ACP Mod. I was a member that time when the first times I saw you as moderator for the last couple of months! So cya sometime!

Zainibam: Sweet friend and comrade! I’m gonna miss you! 😦

P1234: Same as Zaini, sweet and friendly.

Jack Frenzy: You’ll do great at ACP and have fun!

Dwain: Awesome and experienced friend, trusty comrade!

Blazer: You will too. Stay longer while the fun lasts m8 and have fun!

Reacon: Awesome RF Leader, you will do great

Rishron: I see that you are retired and good luck in life

Kiggo: Awesome RPF troops gonna miss you m8

Abhinav and Gionna: Hope to see you two back again lol! 😛

Waffles: Awesome RPF Veteran and trustworth leader back in Nov! Hope to see you again!

Fort: Awesome guy! Seems you are really into modern times now lol! Cya!

Djkb1/Captain Levi: Enjoyed a few cheeky Nandos with this ledge.

Everyone Else!

PS: Even you are not listed I still consider you a friend of mine and always be. 🙂

~Rockstar1819, from current to your former 3ic, signing off!

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96 Responses

  1. I’ll miss you 😦

  2. RIP Rockstar 😭. Well enjoy life as you know it!!! And go to college also.

  3. Good luck on retirement island! We’ll meet each other there soon, my son. :mrgreen:

  4. Hey Rockstar.

    There were times when I lectured or warned you on a few things after I had retired, and I apologize if they came out to be too harsh, but I’d like for you to believe that it was my way of showing care and respect to you. I wanted you to succeed, and I wanted to guide you through your career.
    I may have not been that a great of an advisor to you, but I’m really proud of how you have grown to be an important pillar of the AUSIA division. Your interaction with the troops was superb, and your event attendance was extraordinary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an AUSIA troop be so active throughout their career.
    I salute you for your efforts towards the ACP up until now, and although you may have retired, it would be great to see you back in uniform in the far future.

    Thank you for everything.

  5. You have certainly proved me wrong.

    In all honesty I had originally believed you were a mere Earthing follower, and that you didn’t belong in the ACP ownership. During my leadership of the AUSIA division, your cooperation and kindness has assisted in making excellent progress for the AUSIA division over the past week. We’ve managed to drag ourselves from the slumps of 7-12 to 15-20+ constantly, and it surely couldn’t have been done without you.

    It was especially during this last week that I’ve seen your true potential. You have a gap that is almost unable to be filled, considered Ryan is truly the only possible heir. Because of that, I fear for the future of the AUSIA division, but that’s a story for another day.

    Nothing during my leadership was done solely by me. You were always helping me, whether behind the scenes or in public. You stuck behind the division in both it’s brightest days and it’s darkest hours. You set a standard of what an AUSIA owner should be like for generations to come.

    Thank you. Live life to the fullest.

    Your AUSIA Commander,
    ζɪᴅɪᴇ ʟᴀ ʙʀɪᴛᴀɴɴɪᴀ

  6. You did a pretty good job for the position you were in. Good owner you were. I had some fun times on chat with you which I will really miss. Don’t forget old Ken.

  7. You were one of the best members out there while I was ACP 4th in Command. I noticed you, but only at AUSIA times when I stayed up until nearly 2:00am-3:00am on the ACP chat. I remember coming onto the chat right before school to check in on everybody. You’ve been a loyal, hardworking troop ever since you’ve joined the ACP. I believe you could’ve made a difference in the ACP if you were to become leader, unfortunately, you have other things going on in your life. You will be missed.

  8. You were a great troop from the start of your career, you were loyal and hardworking. You were in both the RPF and ACP for a majority of your career and seemed to have potential to become somebody that can influence an army. You’ve put your efforts into the ACP as an owner and showed to everyone that you’ve risen from the bottom, all the way to the owner line. You are a great soldier to look up to, and I wish you luck in whatever your plans are in your later life.

  9. You’re a great owner Rock! You’re extremely loyal and you make me laugh so much sometimes (i don’t know why hahaha). I’m glad you’ve stayed here so long and how much you achieved is extraordinary, you backed the leaders at any point you were needed.

    Rock on brother!

  10. I’ll miss u much my filipino x-leader buddy….:'( this song tho…makes me cry…when u comeback….I’ll be in chat…

  11. You were a great friend rock ill miss you 😦 PIEBROS FOREVER

  12. You were such a loyal troop,a very good leader and a nice friend. Good luck in your life,Rock. I’ll miss you :c

  13. Haha then Teutons time bro

    But that doesn’t matter now of’ve had one heck of a life here in CP armies and it was amazing to see you rise up to a 3ic in ACP! You are loved by the AUSIA force and you’re a very fun and immature person (in a good way) and you sort of remind me of Splasher99, an awesome former ACP 3ic! I hope the AUSIA spirit can still flow in ACP and hopefully in you after this, so goodbye D:

  15. DARN YOU! why U retiring you freak?! I will surely miss ya after kicking for what you did *UN* you did retiring, I thought you will not leave acp until you become a grand-grand father

  16. Thanks for the kind comment, despite the fact that we haven’t really gotten along. I wish you all the best in the future.

  17. Rock you were a great friend to me, i remember the days when i was removed from rpf you were a big encouragement for me,for what i probably even stand this much, i remember those days in 2014 when you were in rpf, they were so fun! It was fun being with you in RPF and i missed you alot after you weren’t in rpf. It was always a great luck for me to get a friend like you, now that you’ve come to your retirement this day will be memorial for me :(, i will always miss a friend like you,you were so loyal to acp ;),anyways dont forget to talk with me and keep visiting rpf chat;),cya buddy, and sorry for gramtical mistakes or spelling mistakes i am just too worried and excited right now :P, best of luck Rock!

  18. Rock, you were such a great owner. I know that I sometimes was a bit harsh with you, but that does not mean anything. You are so funny, you make me laugh a lot, thank you so much for being there for ACP all the time, especially when people were being harsh to you. I admire your loyalty. I’m sure that most people would’ve quitted, but you have been one of the most loyal troops I ever met. You will be missed, good luck with your future.

  19. Good bye Rock, you were a great friend and a great 3ic. I will miss you alot . I remember the old times we had lots of fun together. Good luck with you future

  20. Rock I’m sad you’re retiring. 😥 you were like a brother to me. Oily rock star. Wish ya the best of luck with life.

  21. Rockstarrr!

    You’ve come a long way. I remember you as a member, one of the most loyal soldiers we had. We had loads of fun with Kat, Amax, Snake and the lot. I’m sure you remember the times I teased you with Kat. (Sorry about that!)

    When Mrtchy left, he made you a 3ic and I was thinking, “will he be able to do this?” Of course, we struggled a bit but after a while we ‘rocked’ it! I couldn’t ask for a more rocking 3ic! We were able to keep the division running,fab,and amazing with just two owners! (That’s not easy you know!)

    I’d always see you on chat, interacting with the troops and having fun yourself, which is extremely important as well. The troops admire you Rock, probably because you’re not afraid to act like yourself. Apart from the army, you’ve also proved to be a great friend (on cpps too!) So, well done Rock, you completely ‘Rocked’ it!

    Keep Rockin! 😉 Acp and more importantly the troops will miss you, oh and I’ll miss you too!

    – Star

    oh and dango daikazoku

  22. Rockstar always remember your always welcome to ACP and always my bro and i want you to know even back in the Old times we dont get along HEY it dosnt matter right? we are freinds but im gonna miss you you were ACPs best owner ever….Oh stupid Buggins not Best MASSIVE BEST owner anyways may you have a good life time in schools and with Hanging out with freinds irl

    – Buggins

  23. Rip Rock I will miss you

  24. Sad to see you go, Rock. I will miss seeing you on ACP chat and visiting WV Chat. You are the kind of person that I could talk to and feel like you were really listening. I hope to chat with you again eventually, but for now, I guess it is goodbye.

  25. Bye bye rockstar. I will miss you. Good luck with life ❤ 😦

  26. 😦 We just met today…. :< I am sad, but I understand your problem, good luck.. Keep visiting 😀

  27. Good bye I will miss you everyday. I’ll see you next time! Probably see you in my school year! Luv you ^-^ 🙂 <3<3<3 Let's try and meet up in cpps or talk on twitter! ❤

  28. why didn’t u add me

  29. The guy in the video has moobs!

  30. Rockstar forever!
    If you don’t remember me, remember the “Rockstars” army lol, you were our mascot XD.

  31. Same but im gonna return in dark warriors on my vacations imao

  32. Enjoy your retirement, and may the Force be with you!

    – Dr Volk

  33. Sorry for being late. But enjoy it and i hope you will not regret this choice 😉

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