AUSIA/UK Raid of Frosty 14/06/15

Hello ACP!

In response to the Dark Warrior’s declaration of war against us, we decided to raid their capital server of Frosty. We averaged 15-16 and maxed 17-18+, so it’s pretty good seeing as I had just returned from my school concert band camp. They only had 8 on their chat room, so there wasn’t a huge defense except from a few nooblets.

By the way, if we’re controlled by DCP, wouldn’t DW be as well considering that Toysoldier is a former Doritos leader? No?

acpevent33 e6

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☺ACP Recap #68 7th-13th June☺


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Greetings and let’s get things heating! Hey guys, Purp here! Welcome to my ACP Recap.

Be sure to tune in this post ‘cos I am pleased to announce that I’m back with posting poll of the week – here it is.

Poll.. OF DA WEEK!

Oh, and also let me introduce you to my Purple Slime Theme Song

♫ Purple slime, who likes to rhyme, has the same humor as a derpey-mime!♫

As you’ve experienced enough of my weirdness already, LET’S GO!

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