UK Training Session (Raided by SHIELD)

Evenin’ ACP! Tonight we had a great training session! We averaged 13 throughout the battle. Honestly ACP, we lost two UK owners, and instead of falling, we improved big time. I am very proud of you guys. The end of the month is nearing, so attend the events to increase your chance of promotion. Let’s improve further ACP, let’s hit 20 soon! This event went so well it turned out into a u-lead in the end. If we keep doing good, expect that to happen often. Membership codes will be given out in our huge battles.

[AUSIA]: Practice Battle w/ the Ice Warriors


Today we had a quick practice battle with the Ice Warriors for the AUSIA division. We averaged a solid 11 and maxed 12 briefly, which resulted in a win for the ACP division! Kudos to IW for putting up a good fight.

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