[AUSIA]: Practice Battle w/ the Ice Warriors


Today we had a quick practice battle with the Ice Warriors for the AUSIA division. We averaged a solid 11 and maxed 12 briefly, which resulted in a win for the ACP division! Kudos to IW for putting up a good fight.

aO4q26l fec0401cc9be1345cd789b427a5bf229 ci7NmEO

(also comment if you came for promotion credit)

~ puffdaddy

6 Responses

  1. ayy lmao

  2. Congrats peoples! Well done against IW, well deserved win !

  3. Grats on winning well deservers and remember in the wise words on everyone on ACP “ayy LMAO”

  4. Nice. Good job aus :mrgreen:

  5. I came, we had a lot of fun in the event. xD

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