USA Training Session!

Salutations ACP!


Today we logged on to Breeze for what ended up being a great training session. This has been a hard week since our leader Bam has been on vacation, and other absences. Most of the events before today weren’t that good, but today, we maxed 18 and averaged around 16-17. Special thanks to Skipper for spamming his twitter with the location. Read on for the great pictures! Continue reading

Quick battle vs WV {26/6/15}

Hello ACP, this evening we had a quick and funny battle against WV. We moved rooms twice at the same time and ended up in the wrong room lmao. So anyway, we did decent, we maxed 14. Good job ACP. I’m proud of you all.

Tomorrow is my final event. Be sure to attend, I want to be proud of you all.

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