Howdy all ACP we had another US training session where we averaged around 27 and maxed around 30.

Our internet was chopping so we could only get a few pics!

UK/USA My Retirement Event [Battle vs. Shields and Nachos][EXCELLENT RESULTS]

Thank you Skipper for the battle video!

Greetings ACP,

At 4pm EST, we logged onto Yukon, my birth server. The Nachos decided to be rude and raided us, and the irrelevant SHIELD raided us too. Some small fry army that had around 3 also decided to join the party. ACP, I am very proud of you, I can’t be happier. We had so much on chat that we had another pool!

We maxed 41 and averaged 36+!

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ACP, I am retiring tonight, my final event is at 9pm UK // 4pm EST. I’d appreciate it if you attend, and I’d love if we get 35+