Hello, ACP troops!

Are you new to ACP and do you have no idea what to do?

Do you wanna be the best soldier you can be?

Do you want to achieve promotion?

Then apply for ACPTR!



The ACPTR (Army of Club penguin Training Regiment) is a regiment in ACP dedicated to training future leaders, owners and mods of the army when they join ACP as a recruit.  It’s there to teach you how to be a true ACP troop. All you need to do is turn up to classes each day and earn your credits which will go towards a final grade and promotion. 

If you are between the ranks of Private to Staff Sergeant then

Apply now!

To apply fill out these form:





Rank in ACP:

Why do you want to join ACPTR? :

ACPTR Staff~


2 Responses

  1. Rank in ACP: private
    Why do you want to join ACPTR? : to become a better troop

  2. Hi Elsa!

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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