Retirement of Ahmed 7569

It’s time for my retirement unfortunately. To be honest ACP, at the beginning I wasn’t looking forward. Then I realised as a retiree, I can still help ACP out, doesn’t mean I’m completely gone! I wouldn’t be constantly under pressure with issues. It’s been such a wonderful ride ACP. I’ve spent a quarter of my life with this community. As a new recruit, it was very fun, but now it’s actually getting a bit boring. The main reason I am retiring is because of a long holiday. I also would like to concentrate on school more.

Life in CP Armies –

So I first got “recruited” in early 2012. I hung around for a while, but I eventually left Xat in July 2012. I wasn’t involved in armies or anything, I was just that awesome, but useless guy on chat. Then I actually forgot CP armies. Then later in October 2013, I had an injury, so I stayed home for a couple of days. I was playing Club Penguin for like six hours, then I spotted a recruiter for DCP called “Nico27”. I followed the instructions he gave me, and then joined on Thursday the 17th of October (yes I’m that sad that I remember the DAY I joined). My first battle as a Dorito was a tournament battle against the Ice Warriors (Champions Cup II Semi Finals). I was extremely excited. We won that battle and I went hyper.

My first “official” battle.

I actually got owner quick (don’t ask me how). Around mid-December, Mustapha called an owner/high mod meeting. He told the 4ics about the wonders of autotyping. I started writing the recruiting lines on a piece of paper, and I learnt them off by heart. Then he informed us there was a competition for 3ic. It was between 4arms4life, Chondarei and I (you guys probably don’t know 4arms). Chondarei won, but two days later, I actually managed to get owner too. 4arms was quite annoyed, and to be honest, I thought he’d win.

First ever tactic I led.

Then a few days later, WV declared war on us. I was off for Christmas break, so Mustapha told me that I was in charge of the AUSIA division. I was excited. I led the battles, but Toy made some and told me to stop leading 😦 .

Soon I achieved the rank of 2ic. I didn’t do too bad, I led the UK force, along with Mr Waffle45 to sizes of 20+.I spent a bit more with them, before I quit. I quit because I was getting bullied by a certain owner that I’d rather not name.

I got sick of it, and on February 6th, 2014 I decided to join the Army of Club Penguin. I got the rank of Second Lieutenant. It was the chat I used to hang out on. My first ACP event was a UK mining event where we hit sizes of 48.

On Sunday, March 16th, 2014 I got promoted to mod by Jerry.

Then on the 30th of April 2014, I got the rank of 4ic.

I spent a while as 4ic, until on the 1st of August 2014, I got promoted to 3ic. I enjoyed these months as 3ics, and on December 4th 2014, Djkb1 got demoted to 4ic, so I replaced him as 2ic. As a 2ic, I interacted with troops much more. I made a lot more friends.

On the 13th of March 2015, Purpleslime4, the UK leader before me retired. I got promoted to leader alongside Fluffyboy3, and Maxy got promoted to 2ic. Ajman was given the rank of 3ic. 5 days later, Fluffy stepped down and I led solo for quite a while. Coincidentally, exactly a month before my retirement (May 27th), I promoted Bam to leader. We improved ACP a lot, and without me, I’m sure you guys will keep thriving. Now, time for the people…

People –

Pippio: You’re the closest person to me in CP Armies. A FRIEND not gf.
Super Edwin: I love having random banter with you, and our pranking work together is phenomenal, I hope we have a prank in the corner. I still remember when we had nothing in common!
Xxtoysoldier: When I first joined DCP, Musta was the strict leader, but you were the easy-to-talk-to one at that time, and still are.
4arms4life: Haha, I still remember the time when both of us planned on making an army, but when I got all excited, you told me to shh  so Musta doesn’t discover and fire us!
Frenchy323: You were a magnificent troop when you joined DCP, I remember we attended AUSIA and UK events together
Waffles: Although we weren’t fans of each other at the beginning, who cares about that? We managed to create a fine enough UK division together, both of us together would make good leaders.
Oliphant: I talked to you every day, you are very loyal, boy I miss all the friends I had since the beginning, but you the most, along with Amax.
Sercan:  I remember when I was mod I used to get all nervous when you say something like “some mods will be demoted”, oh and I will never forget the fact that I was your favourite member!
Purpleslime4: Thank you so much for supporting me all the way, I couldn’t have achieved what I had achieved without you being there for me.
Flipmoo: You were a great leader and look what you achieved, I wish I can achieve as much as you did.
Mrtchy: You and Flipmoo are clearly the best AUSIA leaders in CPA History, you are funny too, good luck in your studies.
Jerry: You were the one that modded me. I will never forget that. I remember that mid month promotion post that got me nervous. You we’re also a great leader. Thanks for supporting me, and you and Tempah are great people to talk to.
Tempah: I remember before GT opened, I used to come on GT chat to talk to you, along with my BFF, Amax.
Chondarei: You were a great troop, and you are a fabulous person to talk to, and you are easy to troll!
Lionzlover: We are totally twins, we love the same colours, we like the same things, I wish we can talk again sometime.
Amax1: You are my BFF, our 1 year anniversary is coming up soon on the 29th of May! You were the very one that accepted to be my BFF with such an excitement. I wish we can talk again, but I doubt we will.
Splasher: You are such an amazing person, and inappropriate too! I hereby officially declare you the king of inappropriate topics (if you aren’t already)!
Star: Star listen to me, I have an important message. BBY YOU’RE SO CLASSIC! You will always be classic
Slippykicky: Although you are AWOL, when we met we got along really well
Mustapha10: You have fantastic leadership and negotiation skills, and you’re the guy that recruited me to CP Armies!
Bigmail: I remember when we used to talk about real life armies and stuff, cool convos.
Bam: UK IS BEST DIVISION! We were always in the same army, when I was in DCP, you were there, and now in ACP, you are here.
Lumarnati: Cool guy, and obviously, a master recruiter.
Stromae: I enjoy talking about leadership things, will we ever meet irl? Maybe
Rachie: You are a cool person, and a huge cupcake fan!
Cheedu1: Really good friend
Dw: I don’t know if you will read this but you will always be the best walrus!
Katerina Qt: Very fun person to talk to, I wish we can talk again, but we probably wont
Kingfunks: You are probably the biggest sports fanatic I ever met, you are also a very good leader.
Gtudsd: I love talking to you about anything, you are one of my greatest friends in CP armies and always will be.
Djkb & Maxy: I enjoyed discussing things about the UK force with you, shame that you guys left.
Albaro: To be honest, you are probably the most interesting guy I met, we talk every once in a while, and we seem to have a lot in common
Mikester: I wish I could talk to you more often, you didn’t do too shabby as leader, even though Mrtchy raged at you every once in a while
Mohmd: I really admired the fact that you stayed up until like 11pm your time just to give ACP a helping hand, good luck with your real life stuff
Peach: You have so many weird and funny stories that I love hearing
Fluffyboy: You are quite an interesting lad, I wish I live in Canada so I can experience all the snow you get.
Elsa, Ryan + Skipper: You guys are very loyal, if you guys keep it up, you guys will rise up the ranks swiftly.
Oh and Ryan this is for you “Time to wash myself”

Final Message –

ACP, you guys were amazing. If you all keep on doing your best, we will be the biggest army out there. My advice is, don’t go AFK! Try to keep chat alive, because nobody wants a dead chat, unless you guys are zombies or something. I can’t believe I wrote a 1.6k post.. almost, so guys, be active, and recruit if you want to be promoted, that’s the key. I’ll visit chat as much as I can, and I’ll post when possible. Over and out.

40 Responses

  1. Long Live Ahmed7569

  2. Im gonna miss you ahmed all those great times we had 😦 good bye happy retirement buddy

  3. By the way you should wash yourself 😛

  4. Ahmed… Man I would of left ACP already if it wasn’t for you. You certainly made ACP fun and lol pranking Fluff, Purple (nearly got banned for that one..) and Maxy. You are such a peasant!!! Get in the bin!!! Also, we have nothing in common.. Pip is actually your girlfriend.. But ermm yeah I’ll miss our banter and I’ll rise the UK division with your advice hopefully.. Just kik me peasant.

  5. Well I barley know you Ahmed but I heard from other people that you were Amazing and when I wen’t to your retirement and the nachos and everyone else ruining it. I saw the bravery in you so I just want to let you know even though I don’t know you so well you will have made a huge difference in ACP and in me 🙂

    • Thank you Laurz! I feel bad that I don’t know you very well, you are an excellent troop, if you keep attending the events, you’ll be promoted in no time!

  6. Take care ahmed! the spot that you were thrown into was not the best but you pulled far above them and pushed for ACP’s stability
    Enjoy life! and yeah i still remember all those little recruiting contests back in DCP lool

    • Bam, keep on working on fixing the ACP, you’ve been an excellent person to lead with, I know that you can make ACP the strongest army again.

  7. You’re one of the most respectable leaders that I have ever served under in my career. You may have not led this army to it’s largest sizes ever, but you managed to pull your own weight and handle to stress of leading the greatest and most legendary army in the entire community – the Army of Club Penguin.

    Even with the entire Nacho army trying to usurp you, you kept your head up high and didn’t give in to their demands. In your final days the UK Division improved, even with the leave of Maxy and Djkb. Perhaps you could have achieved much more if you hadn’t left.

    I didn’t speak to you as much as others, but your legacy will live on within the Army of Club Penguin.

    • You have taken care of the AUSIA force really well, to be honest, after Mrtchy/Star left I thought the AUSIA will completely collapse, but it didn’t. For some reason AUSIA does terrible on weekends! I do believe I could’ve achieved more to be honest.

  8. Ahmed you’re awesome! I’m sure you checked out my parody if so it’s on your post announcin the times of your last event.
    You have been an amazin’ troop in this army, and you were extremely loyal and extremely patient under me as you were a 2ic under me most of the time! It was worth it, eh? Good job leading ACP for 3.5 months and trying real hard when it has its ups and downs, and I bid thee farewell & good luck!

    • You are amazing too. I never met anyone as loyal as you, you’ve always been positive, no matter how tough our situation was. I love reading your ACP Recaps, and I will continue to read them.

  9. Even though I don’t know you very well, you seem like a nice guy. Good luck with your real life, we all will miss you a lot. 😉

    • I don’t know you too well, but you seem to have quite a lot of things in common with me, maybe we can talk more on chat sometime 😛

  10. Ahmed, we started as members together, and honestly all those events we attended together, the chat, and our clan – we’ve had a great time here and it’s sad seeing a great leader and friend leave.

    As a moderator, I’d always see you attending Ausia events, and hanging out with all of us.

    I remember our little fights, especially the ‘I’ll draw your grave on doodle race’ and the ‘I WON YOU DIDN’T HAHAHAHAHA’. Wasn’t that fun? Oh and the rats and ducks community/clan (everybody started calling me ‘rats’ because of you!!!!) Even so, I have to admit it was fun!!!

    Honestly, you made Acp a fun place where everybody was welcome. It was great serving under your leadership, and you did a great job.

    It’s sad seeing you leave, and I hope you do well.


    – Star

    • Haha, I still remember when we started off, we have had a lot of fun together, and I still remember the doodlerace fights, they were really fun! I never saw anyone calling you “Rats” tbh,. You have made CP Armies more fun. Two words left to say..
      Stay Classic
      ~ Ahmed 7569

  11. Bye man, It’s been hard to keep up with events to get to but I wish I can do my best

    • Cya, I agree, it can be tough attending events, but I’m sure you can attend some events, so that’s alright since you aren’t totally inactive!

  12. Good luck in life Ahmed!

  13. I see an awesome leader retired. Sad to see someone like you being the one who stands a young leader and leading ACP into golden ages again. For what I seen, since my day as Private, noticed you ranked you to leader and you did. The first time I seen you 4ic, I think that was the old days. Exactly, I will miss you fellow comrade and goodbye~! ❤

  14. Thanks for the mention, despite what has happened. Good luck with your life and I wish you the best.

  15. Interestingly enough the word count on this post is 1569 lol

  16. Have a nice retirement ahmed, I didnt really lead long with you however you are a really great leader. P.S hammio forever! LOL jk hehe~

  17. Ahmed, although I left ACP I consider you one of the best soldiers I have ever led in the UK after Lionz. If I have any advice it’d be that you should stand up for yourself no matter who’s talking. I’ve learnt this from experience and I will never forget these last few months leading the UK alongside you.

  18. Hey Ahmed.
    I am sorry for my late response. It’s sad to see you leave. You were a really good leader and I am really glad to have seen you get here.
    Have a nice life, buddy. We had some good times in this army..

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