UK Power displayed in this training session!

Hey ACPtoday the UK force continued with the ‘rise’ that DJ and Maxy worked ‘hard’ on to get us. Shame they left it. We got around thirty on which is the biggest UK has got on for a while. Continue reading for some pictures.

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Events of the Week June 29th — July 5th

Hello ACP Troops!


It is time for the best time of the week — events! This week ACP must continue to stay on top with our events. I expect a good performance from all of our divisions! If another division is doing better than yours, you must rise your division to match that standard! All troops — owners, moderators, and members must work to rise ACP to the top! Once we are at the top, there will be no stopping us. Here we come!


❗ Sunday, July 5th ❗

[AUSIA] – Tactics Session

Sever: Outback

Times: 12:30 PM UK,  5 PM IST,  8:30 PM JST,  7:30 AM EST,  6:30 AM CST,  5:30 AM MST,  4:30 AM PST


Server: Mammoth

Times: 9 PM GMT,  4 PM EST,  3 PM CST,  2 PM MST,  1 PM PST


Server: Breeze

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST