Events of the Week July 6th — July 12th

Greetings all Soldiers!


The ACP is not AN Army IN Club Penguin; we are THE Army OF Club Penguin. Owners, members, moderators and retirees alike, all must remember this as we move forward. We will not be demoralized in our conquest, because in the end, we have been alive as a group for nine years. Their organizations come and go — our organization staysWithout further ado, I give you this weeks events. Stay strong soldiers!

❗ Tuesday , July 7th ❗


Server: Breeze

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

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Training on Breeze — [Raided by PR]

Hello ACP!

Bam: Wonderful event guys, apologies i couldn’t make it! But nice job 🙂  West & Trader are hereby promoted to full / perm 3ic! Keep it up guys

Today we logged onto Breeze for a training event. There was a small group of purple penguins on, but as the event went on, they grew larger and disrupted us. It’s the best time of the year again! When PR is recreated and tries to establish relevancy :). We weren’t able to get many good pictures because of their raiding, but we averaged 30! We did great even without our US leader present! Keep it up guys

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Keep your head high in the face of the enemy ACP.


ACP Recap #71 28th June-4th July



Click THIS for yester-year’s ACP Recap and Click THIS for the ACP Recap posted the year before yester-year!

Hey hey, ACP! It’s your rad retiree, Purp, here and welcome to my weekly, wonderful  ACP Recap! Ha, sorry. I just love alliteration.

Now to grab your attention now, here is the wonderful poll of the week and be sure to read more for last week’s poll results because I surely do have a lot of bizarre answers from that poll! Many bizarre answers indeed.

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