ACP Exclusive: Visiting Ken’s Igloo…With Bam

Greetings ACP troops,

Instead of having Bam cook up something with me this week, we are going to visit my igloo.

my house

My mansion today.

Behold, this is my multi-million coin igloo mansion in the forests of Breeze. Indeed I have spent tens of thousands of coins furnishing it. The best architects and artisans of Breeze came together to design this mansion. Many famous people have stayed in the mansion, including former ACP Leaders Fort57 and Bobcatboy10. (Pictures below) Today, I am bringing Bam to my mansion…

Click To Read More! (Viewers discretion is advised. It’s Bam so there will be swearing and profanity.)

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Battle for Brumby [Victory]

Hello troops we did good today we came in with a huge victory where we outnumbered nachos with both tactics and sizes [Naturally they ran away the whole time and won’t admit to anything] But overall good events, We got 35 + ­čÖé


When are you guys just gonna give up LOL

(PS: No need to depend on Nacho SS so much])


Morning soldiers! Make sure to remember that these codes can only be redeemed ONCE on ONE penguin, so if you REALLY want some cool membership items out currently then just make a new penguin and activate one [I have more just PC me]

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[AUSIA] Gendarmerie Forces Annex Alaska 13/07/15


Greetings ACP!

Our soldiers entered Nacho territory today to annex the city of Alaska and met no opposition. We were unquestionably large, and the Nachos only had 5 people on their chat room. At one point we had a fun meet with the Doritos because of  the absence of the Nachos. Very well done, ACP.

Average: around 30

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