Events of the Week — July 20th through the 26th

Hello Soldiers!


The past week has been spent in an honestly successful conflict against the Nachos. At most events we got a force of above 25+ on CP. We will continue to rise and we will reach larger heights than ever seen before. I want all of you to be ready for this rise — members, owners, retirees and moderators alike. We all must work together to push ACP to the top! This week we will be taking a lot of free servers. The Pear shall be spread to all as we liberate the uninformed! Without further ado, here are this weeks events.

❗ Thursday, July 23rd ❗

[UK/US] – Annexation of Iceland  RAID

Server: Iceland

Times: 9 PM GMT,  4 PM EST,  3 PM CST,  2 PM MST,  1 PM PST

[US] – Annexation of Avalanche RAID

Server: Avalanche

Times: 12 AM GMT,  7 PM EST,  6 PM CST,  5 PM MST,  4 PM PST

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ACP Recap #73 12-18 July

Click HERE for last year’s ACP Recap and HERE for the year-before-last-year’s ACP Recap!

Hey guys, Purp here! Welcome to…









This is ACP Recap #73 and I hope you enjoy it, because now I am switched on SUMMER MODE! UK Summer time just begun to me, so I’m ready to get wild! Meaning I’m going to be on ACP chat every day and I’m going to attend some events. Well, only for 8 DAYS.. I’m going on vacation soon! I’ll be super active on ACP chat though for that small period of time. Now let’s escape this boring intro WITH POLL OF THE WEEK! So many exclamation marks on this post already!!!

And here’s last weeks results…

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Greetings ACP.

We attempted to do this a few days ago but due to bots we were forced off the server. I’ve officially decided to schedule a re-invasion of the server, so that it may serve as a home to the AUSIA division.

No, this is not an invasion of the Nachos nation. This is, however, a server unclaimed by anyone and is the historic capital of an old ally named the Global Defenders. We will take it for ourselves and it will be one of our most important servers for generations to come.



 1:30 PM GMT

5:00 PM IST

8:30 PM JST

 7:30 AM EST

6:30 AM CST

5:30 AM MST

4:30 AM PST

Make sure to attend the invasion if you can!


ζɪᴅɪᴇ ʟᴀ ʙʀɪᴛᴀɴɴɪᴀ

Second in Command