Commando717? More like biased717

who is commando you might ask? Hes a 24 year old neck beard who is completely one sided and only aims to benefit RPF, He didn’t count shia labeouf SS invasions even after all of the invasions were under the 24 hour notice/ rule!

Mad because Shia labeouf SS took all of RPF’s nation? 

Suck it up and take the lose commando! Can’t stand that your crappy map is failing or that RPF is failing just as bad? 

Side note: 

Hey remember when RPF used to get “50+” at events? Yeah well looks like they can’t have more than 2 events without getting just 25+ at all of them!


8 Responses

  1. Bam117? More like Biased117

  2. can you please tell if ur biases ss army had more than 2 servers before invading???If there arent more than 2 servers all invasions are marked as invalid….if you know that and also you need to be on smap to invade……im not sure if ss army was ever on smap or had even 2 or more servers before their FIRST invasion

  3. That’s not Commando lmao

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