Getting to know troops #3

getting to know troops

Grettings ACP,

Yes, its finally time. Today i decided to interview Clubxlcboys who has been doing a very good job as an ACP 6ic keep up the good work Club 😉

Me- Light blue

Clubxlcboys- Gold

Me- Whats your favourite part about ACP?

Clubxlcboys- We can make as many friends as we want and that ACP as a very organised website

Me- Ok now some questions about youself!!!!!

Me- What’s your favourite food?

Clubxlcboys- Biryani ofc

Me- What’s your favourite cartoon show? 

Clubxlcboys- Star war rebels!!!!

Me- What’s your favourite animal?

Clubxlcboys- Unicorns!!!! even though they dont exist xD

Me- What’s your favourite movie?

Clubxlcboys- Minions ❤

Me- Do you like how club penguin is progressing these days?

Clubxlcboys- It’s not doing good, i fear that CPnext might be added to CP i have heard that CPnext is already added in the iphone app, CP is becomming a bit boring too.

Me- Anything else you would like to say?

Clubxlcboys-  Umm yes the bestest of my friends are CapnRyan11.

Me- Alright Thank you for your time.

Clubxlcboys- Anytime c:

Alright thats all for this week comment if you YES YOU would like to be in the next post goodbye for now

3 Responses

  1. Nice one! You did some typos though xP

  2. Nice one! You made some typos though xP

  3. Nice

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