Operation Babirusa: Turning it all Around

August the third marks the beginning of a campaign against the Rebel Penguin Federation military. Our scheduled annexation of Breeze is just the beginning of our push into former DRACP territory to reclaim what is rightfully ours and bring the odds of the war into our favor.

Be prepared.


Operation Babirusa

Edit: 26 hours of notice, making the invasion valid.


The RPF has been launching invasion after invasion, and claiming absolute victory. With the support of Commando717 and the Server Map, to the outside world it seems as if we are the losing army. Today that changes. RPF are getting cocky, and with that they will suffer loss after loss. I give you, Operation Babirusa. We will launch a steady stream of re-invasions of the servers RPF claimed we lost (based on the Server Map), and we shall take these servers back. So, without further adieu, we will begin with the reinvasion of Breeze!

Re-Invasion of Breeze 

Monday, 3rd of August

Times: 7:30 AM EST, 6:30 AM CST, 5:30 AM MST, 4:30 AM PST, 12:30 PM UK, 5 PM IST, 7:30 PM AWST


Grettings ACP,

Today we logged on to Klondike for the legends cup tourney, we did good job maxing 21 averaging 18-20. We had good tactics whereas the Nacho SS did a good job aswell, But sadly lost. Read more for pictures. Continue reading

ACP Promotions For July

Hello Troops!

It’s that time of the month you have waited for, promotions! It’s been a while since I’ve done a promotion post on ACP, but with the insight of the owners of this army, and based on what I witnessed at the Legends Cup battle against Nachos SS, I give you, the promotions for July 2015! Congrats to all those who got promoted, if you feel like we might have skipped over you or you’re not on ranks, be sure to comment your concern.

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[AUSIA] Unscheduled Training Session on Outback 1/08/15


Greetings ACP!

Today we logged on for an unscheduled AUSIA event. We did decently considering that I abruptly announced it 1 minute before we logged on with no hype, and maxed 12 with an average of 11-10. We could have done better, but considering the circumstances we didn’t do too bad. Thanks to those who logged on.

acpevent44 em

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