Debate of the Day #1

Hello, ACP! Welcome to the series ‘Debate of the Day’.. As you can guess it involves debates and all you need to do is say why you prefer one thing over the other as well as why. 

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[AUSIA] Battle of Grasshopper 5/08/15


Greetings ACP!

The AUSIA Division logged onto Grasshopper and confronted RPF forces to retake Grasshopper. It was quite obvious that we defeated them, as we maxed 15 and averaged 14 whilst they had 8 troops. We eventually dropped in size towards the end of the conflict due to troops having to leave, but we still had enough troops to tackle the RPF military. As there was no owner online (except for an AFK 3ic) their moderators admitted defeat and handed the server to us. Well done, ACP.

acpevent46 e2

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