Debate of the Day #2

Hi, ACP.  Carry on reading for Debate of the Day..

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War With RPF Postponed

[AUSIA] Battle of Ice Berg – VICTORY 6/08/15


Claim whatever you want RPF, your ego is the size of the Mount Everest.

Today we logged onto Ice Berg to invade our old server and faced a very strong RPF defense. We maxed 15 and averaged 13-14 while they maxed 14 and averaged 12-13. According to the RPF, they won because:

  • “RPF did 70 tactics and ACP did 17.”
  • “We were larger than you, and destroyed you at the end.”
  • “Elmikey recorded it so we won.”
  • “ACP logged off first so we win.” (We logged off at :01 so we were allowed to log off).

Elmikey’s lack of sportsmanship and diplomacy disgusts me. No, he wouldn’t even settle for a tie either (not that I wanted one). ACP claims ownership of the server Ice Berg.

acpevent47 e62

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