Legends cup VICTORY [ACP vs IW]

Hello we had a extremely amazing battle today VS Ice Warriors, This was a battle that was tipped mainly towards Ice Warriors [who were top contenders for the finals] but together we all fought well and showed our true might!

It was a hard fought battle but ACP came out victorious with a 3 to 1 vote! Nice job today

While we had 50 + on chat we also had some stunning pre battle sizes, and not only that we were quick on our feet! Nice job

35+ Pre battle & around 25 – 30 throughout the tournament battle

SERIOUSLY PC ME MORE PICTURES, We did like a million tactics

while some people didn’t want to see us win…

*cough cough*


Amazing job today ACP, this is a huge win for us

As some of you may know this may very well have been my last battle and it was truly amazing, Nice job today guys [and nice job with keeping up with all those tactics]


6 Responses

  1. I came, I got locked out but ya know

  2. Good job guys 😀

  3. Freaking awesome. Yall were so hawt that IW MELTED!

  4. I came

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