Retirement [117]

Afternoon all soldiers

  • – some may or may not know but this has been coming for a bit now –

~ Pardon my grammar ~

Hello all ACP, after my recent temporary leave I’ve decided to fully retire to give a little bit more focus on school [its starting in literally a few days] and apparently I need to start working again to pay off my car [Life sucks right? xD]. These past few weeks [or even months] I’ve heard nothing but my name out of everyone’s mouth :mrgreen: (jealous much?)

All those pissed off retirees out there may be happy but for what? Its not like any of them were going to return to ACP or even help.

Big thanks to everyone for helping ACP out in its time or need, Only a few of you may know but I was gone for reasons involving another death in my family [my cousin] This game is a real stress reliever for big times like this [or it was lol]

As cliche as it might sound, I’d rather not get coup’d soon after a funeral lol

This has been a completely different experience for someone such as myself, I was very used to pulling things from a distant perspective and have never had this much attention [sad right? lol] There is nothing that could ever replace this amazing experience and the bond & loyalty that I saw in each and every ACP soldier was truly amazing.



I’m a DCP puppet?

ACP/DCP alliance has literally be strong for over 3 YEARS. Get over yourself idiots. The same ones who started saying stuff like that were the same ones who would deliberately come to chat just to spew anti ACP garbage and cause drama [you know who you are]

People were just mad ACP stayed with the REAL allies.


You can blame me for all of the problems if you’d like 


While you were talking down about ACP, I was recruiting.

While you complained heavily about ACP’s issues you didn’t attempt to help solve them.

Who the hell are you to say I’m the bad guy?


Message to CPA “Legends”

If being a legend now and days means being an army whore or sucking up to every CPAWN member or Legend around

Then I’m fine just being average :mrgreen:


I, Bam117 hereby retire from the rank and assignment of President & Leader of the Army of clubpenguin 

 Sidie/Vex & Albaro Lord are hereby promoted to official leader(s) of the glorious Army of Clubpenguin

The best of luck to you both! You have surely earned it in your own right!


Last Message:

Though I will generally hate on armies for taking so much time out of my life but those special armies like ACP or DCP are the reason I stay so long- You guys have helped push me out of some of the darkest times of my life and there is nothing I could ever do to repay it, thanks for all the cheers my friends and thanks for always being there for me 🙂

I’m still a little pissed I never go to use my original Bam117 account while leading lol


Special thanks to the leadership and everyone in the Panel of Guardians for dealing with me and my crazy antics

 ~ I hope I didn’t disappoint too bad ~

Sorry lad’s but its time I disappear again, I’ll help in whatever ways – you just have to find me


Maybe one of these days I’ll see my family again..

but for now it’s all me.

26 Responses

  1. miss ya

  2. Despite hating you, I do hope you do well on school! Come back anytime you like! 😀

  3. I’ll miss you 😦 You were a true friend

  4. Good bye bam, I’m glad the owners and i hired you when i was leader, you did great things for acp.

    • I generally dont believe you were as bad as everyone made you out to be, you weren’t FULLY ready to lead yet but you were and are still capable – i commend your efforts for sticking with ACP even under amazing pressure and situations [not many could pull through and show that kind of dedication] and again thanks for being one of the ones to bring me in

  5. Bam, you did better then Fluffy and Mike’s leadership combined, LOL. (no offense to either of them) see ya in the afterlife

  6. The firsts actions that you did while you were a leader shocked me. Going around unbanning everyone and trolling at CPAC interviews, at first I thought that we were screwed. LOL

    But overall I don’t believe that you deserved all of this criticism. There were places that you could’ve improved on, but that’s what made your character. You are who you are, and with that you were able to make the ACP rise a little with your own ways. For that, I thank you for sticking with the Army of Club Penguin despite all of the heat that you received. You’re a competent leader, and I’m glad that you had your chance to prove what you’re made out of in the ACP.

    Thanks for your service, Bam 117.

    • Thank you for helping me out and always putting checking in , I’m a pretty crazy guy so i may have caused a bit of a mess but thanks for looking out for ACP

  7. You were a brutish pawn in a gentleman’s game of chess. Every last drop of blood sucked out of you. And you’re free now my friend 🙂

  8. miss you Bam!

  9. Bye.. Thank god no more crazyness xD Only joking.

  10. Goodbye Bam, we will miss you. Thank you for all those good times we had. Have a happy life, good luck in the future my friend. ❤

  11. You were the right person for the job, and there was no one else fit for it at the time until you came. You may be controversial, but you completed a task that no other owner at the time could have – and that was improving the ACP and keeping it stable. You deserve none of the hate that you get, and I am glad to have served under your leadership.

    Good luck in life, Bam.

  12. *salutes* bam you shall forever remember me as an annoying fussy retiree that has a-fricking-lot of complaints to say every day (I admit I’m a big fat fussy wussy) but in the long run you’ve maintained the army and you kept it cool for the next guys, Lord and vex. Acp has been huge and quite successful in terms of sizes with you leading , it’s clear to see, so it’s very sad to see you go. Good luck in the future, good luck to the new guys and be BAMAZING! ~The purple little blob that kept bothering you

    • xD thanks slime, and tho i didn’t realize at the time it you and a few other retirees were prob the only who would up frontly question me and personally make sure ACP was fine- thanks again

  13. Bam I just wanna say a few things, and this time I ain’t drunk or whatsoever. You were a true friend, and all those people who was talking junk to you, they can go to hell. You were the source of this army rising again, and me and some other people would like to thank you, for because of you, this army would of been in SMAP top tens and you kept us out of that dark hole (no offense SMAP)
    I will truly miss you, and I better see you again, since your phone number is what is activating my main twitter account, and I really need it for my CP blog and stuff.


  14. I wish the Green Party always wins (irl). Anyway thanks for being great Bam, and for doing stuff others were too afraid to do.

  15. Despite what anyone said about your leadership, it was a hell of a ride and very enjoyable. Everyone could take a few notes from how chill you let yourself be. Thanks for unbanning me, even though it seems they’ve gone and banned me forever again (look at that, I’m the victim this time. Didn’t do anything wrong!) so much for helping out at events before school starts for me.

    We’ll miss you bud. I think its time I made off too. Anyways this isn’t comment isn’t about me. You’re a great friend and a terrific leader. You brought forth a little life into ACP that hasn’t had much life coursing through for a while. Take care.

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