A New Odyssey | The Leadership of Albaro Lord and Sidie9

Greetings ACP and all readers.

Today marks the beginning of a new leadership in the Army of Club Penguin. After the Legends Cup Quarter Finals, leader Bam117 officially announced his resignation from the army and the community itself. After having the two act as commanders during his temporary absence, he announced that Albaro Lord and I (Sidie9) would replace him in leading the Army of Club Penguin. The two of us have many goals in the army and wish to accomplish numerous things before each of our times pass.

As you probably would have guessed, we plan on emitting greater results at events throughout the week. 20-35+ at US events isn’t too bad, but our ambitions are to become much larger than that. Over time we will begin using different recruiting methods to attract new recruits and possibly bring the army to heights not seen for a while. As we have qualified for the semi-finals of the Legends Cup, improvement is a key element in winning the next round and finally reaching the final round of the tournament. This objective will be completed over time and hopefully will be accomplished before our retirements.

A personal goal of mine is to improve diplomacy during war and battles. During Bam’s leadership, disputes of battles with other armies occurred extremely often and we constantly posted incorrect information or offended enemy armies. This will begin to change starting from now. I would like war to be as fun as possible for the army and ourselves, and the hate that was constantly emitted from the army much less enjoyable during war times. We know when we have clearly lost a conflict and will not hesitate to admit defeat if we are completely outnumbered. This is something that our previous leadership failed to do, and will be improved over time.

Each respective division of the Army of Club Penguin will see great improvement during our time in office. Due to not having any current Second in Commands, we will be promoting some Third in Commands in order to make space for new owners and finalizing a complete leadership. To begin this owner shuffle that will occur over the next 7 days, I officially promote Super Edwin to the rank of Second in CommandHe will be commanding the UK Division with assistance from other owners and the leaders and we have a lot of hope for his success. Together the leadership will work to make all of our divisions as strong and stable as possible, and create an environment where any troop can attend an excellent event.

I never expected that when I’d rejoin this army in November 2014 I’d ever become a leader of the Army of Club Penguin. This non-existent possibility became a reality because of the goals that have driven me to the best that I could possibly be. These goals will continue to drive me to do my best as a leader of this remarkable army, and I won’t stop until they have all been accomplished.

I don’t want this post to drag on any longer as actions are more powerful than words, so I’ll end this off by saying:

I can’t promise you that I’ll be one of the greatest ACP leaders of all time, and I can’t promise you that I’ll create a rise that will make us the strongest army – but I promise you that I am going to use all my strength to make this army a place that all people can call home.


Ƈσммαηɗєя Sιɗιє

ACP Leader



12 Responses

  1. Congrats you two!! Hope you succeed, and lead acp wonderfully, which I am pretty sure you both will.

  2. Well done and good luck! 😀

  3. Congratulations

  4. Amazing, I look forward to see what you’s can do and grats my bae on 2ic <3. Grats Alb and Sidie can't wait to see what will happen to ACP I'm sure you's will be great leaders

  5. Well, then lol. Congrats to you three and good luck.

  6. Congratulations to alb and vex on leader! Not to mention edwin as 2ic, you all will do good things for acp.

  7. Congrats on leader sid and alb!

  8. Congratsies guys! May the Sidbaro or the Albie leadership prevail! Good luck, lead well and be swell!

  9. Good luck.

  10. k….Really…I mean You really earned it…Just WOW! you so earned it right now *shifty* i gotto get a coffee Just really This post amazed me and they definitely earned it

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